Three Days, Three Bands!

We’re not going to any outdoor festivals this year, or at least we haven’t planned to yet. I wanted to go to the ATP festival in Iceland but as per usual we procrastinated to long over this idea and decided the air fair wasn’t worth it! Anyway, that hasn’t stopped us buying up tickets for more local gigs! A while ago I backed L7 on kickstarter to release a DVD and secretly hoped that this would mean a come back tour and I would finally get to see them play, I was right. So I grabbed tickets the day they were released and pretty good job too as they literally sold out right away! Then I saw Eagles of Death Metal were playing, hadn’t seem them in a while so picked up some tickets for that, turns out they were playing the day after L7, then Faith No More released dates for their tour! At first it was for the same day as the EoDM gig, I secretly hoped that it would sell out really quickly and another day would be added, I was right! And managed to get tickets for the 18th, so that worked out three gigs in a row, all in various venues around Camden, so I guess we’re having our own mini music festival!

Tuesday 16 June 2015 – L7 @ The Electric Ballroom

so we headed over to the Electric Ballroom after a quick bite to eat at Wagamamas and found some seats upstairs on the balcony. First up was the Love Zombies, a punk zombie five piece that were more pop than punk but still worth sticking around to listen to,

Next up were Black Moth, I had never heard of them but they are a hard rock band from Leeds, as you can see from this photo, lots of moody lighting was involved but I’ll definitely be checking out more of there stuff.

So let’s talk about L7, I was 11 when there first album came out, I loved them through my teens and forever more, I recorded that infamous appearance on the word and watched it over and over again because lets face these women rock and also recorded the best ‘you’ve pissed me off’ song ever that of course being Shitlist! I have to say their performance blew me away and that is not something I say often and I’ve seen a lot of bands play over the years mand most have them have been awesome but without a doubt this is definitely in my top five gigs and it’s gonna take a lot to kick them out of that top five! (I should probably work on actual version of that list). They hit the stage running and pounded out song after song, bantering with the crowd and just having a whale of fucking time on stage, also I now am officially in love with Jennifer Finch and not just because I have a thing for bassists and red hair!! I could go on about the songs they played etc etc but sometimes you just leave a gig totally in awe and oh I nearly forgot to mention the crowd, a great thing about sitting at the balcony is you get to see the crowd and how they react to bands performances, this crowd ruled, they were the best, they were moshing, they were crowd surfing, they went completely fucking mental and I loved watching them as much as watching the band!!!

Wednesday 17 June 2015 – Eagles of Death Metal @ The Koko

I haven’t seen EoDM play since 2007 at the now dearly departed Astoria (a big fuck you to the cross rail demolishing all my favourite venues and my city), tonight we toddled off to the The Koko to see them, I admit I haven’t heard any of there recent stuff and I wasn’t sure what the current line up was, just knowing that Jess ‘Boots Electric’ Hughes was still fronting! The support bands Hyenas and Dolomite Minor. I hadn’t seen Hyenas before but definitely a band to watch out for. Dolomite Minor were good but they look so awkward on stage!

Jessie Hughes is a mix of if a the village people, Randy Watson (Coming to America) and the devil made a baby! Not afraid to flex those biceps whilst simultaneously shimmying across the stage and seducing all the ladies in the front row in the campest of manners, still gets everyone swooning. He is an insatiable flirt! Even the boys are throwing themselves at him. Joining him on stage, on drums is fellow founding member Joshua ‘Baby Duck’ Homme, Dave Catching and others who were introduced but couldn’t make out over the roar of the crowd.

They played for a solid hour and half, hits and new songs but everyone danced till their feet caught on fire. Somewhere in between I want you so hard, a guitar riff war broke out between Dave and Jessie and Josh just kicks back doing his best lounge band player posing, casually playing drums with one had and smoking a cigarette.

I had completely forgotten how much fun seeing this band live is!

Thursday 18 June 2015 – Faith No More @ The Roundhouse

So when I heard Rolo Tomassi were the support act for Faith No More I made sure I was on time for tonight’s gig, despite actually being on time for all the other gigs!! But I like Rolo Tomassi, they’re not to everyones liking, a lot of the audience looked a little bemused as lead singer Eva Spence thrashed around the stage even to the very softest parts of the songs, switching between vocal range of sweet angel at one end and demonic possession at the other but me I love it!

So Faith No More have released their first album in 18 years and due to lack of funds I haven;t yet purchased this album but what I have heard is good, very, very good! Appearing on a floral themed stage all dressed in white with Patton leading a gimp on stage they launched into Motherfucker, from there on it just got better. They played the usual hits and half way through Midlife Crisis, changed the mood of the song completely to funk soul before changing it back again because that’s what they do and they do it well!

They made good use of the disco ball for hits like Easy

And they ended with my favourite cover they do This Guy’s in Love With You, the complete opposite of the opener. Comebacks can go either two ways, FNM showed that they haven’t lost it, they still have so much more to give and by doing it their way they are still one of the best bands there will ever be!