Girl Glue #2

Thanks to the world of the tinternets, you are able to discover so much goodness all over the globe. Twitter, Instagram and Etsy are just a few places that artists and creators are able to showcase their work and get a global fan base. Over the last few years and especially the last few months even I discovered some artists and creators whose stuff I’ve been coveting and promised myself that instead of lusting, I would actually treat myself to something every now and again when my purse is not so bare!
This month Mel Stringer who is based in Brisbane, Australia had a birthday promo code, so I couldn’t really say no to a rather generous discount off my order, so I ordered some zines which I had my peepers on. I ordered Girl Glue #2 and the Heart Pop Pin Pack. As it was coming from Australia, I had to wait a little while for my package to arrive but it did on Monday which is the only way to start the week and that is a with a present to yourself! I was also pleasantly surprised to find some extras included in my order!
My order included a copy of Girl Glue #2 and a pin and a heart pop pack which came with a lollipop and randomly chosen pin, it also came with a bonus ‘You are Cute’ poster and a sticker and a lovely hand written thank you note.
Girl Glue is a zine that is filled with contributions by other female creatives and artists, I wish I had discovered this when there was issue 1 but cannot wait to see issue 3 as I love discovering new (to me) artists and creatives.

Cover art by Wishcandy and Hellen Jo

Each Heart Pop zine has a different order of pages but all filled with beautiful doodles and art by Mel.

I’m also a sucker for cute packaging details.

My poster is now up on the wall in my studio

Mel’s shop is currently closed until the 22 June where she will be launching some new ranges, sneaky peeks have already been shown on instagram and I can’t wait to see what she in store. I’m also going to be checking out some of the other artists and creatives, I’ve already had my eye on some Wishcandy art for a while, the print I wanted has sold out, kinda hoping she brings it back but if not there are plenty of others to choose from.
Instagram: MelStringer
Etsy Shop: Girlie Pains
Disclaimer: All products have been purchased by myself, for myself and I have not been asked to review or promote these products.