Pink, Black and White

So I’m on a spree at the moment to finish some outstanding wips, some just need to tiny bit of hand sewing to finish it, others need a zip or hemming, others need a bit more work. I love music, it one of the biggest influences in my life, I cannot imagine a life without music and because of this love I go to a lot of gigs. I mainly collect band t-shirts, occasionally I come back with something else like a vinyl album or a band patch. The problem with patches is I never know what to sew them on, so whilst having one of my mix and match materials session to get inspirations I decided to make some cushions for the living room which give it a more personalised feel. The problem with renting, it’s not really your home and sometimes you’re limited with what you can do decorating wise.
I bought the patch from an Amanda Palmer concert in 2013! Yeah it took me that long to decide what to do with it!!! I had some left over material from my Tim Burton inspired range and white pom pom trim. I machine sewed the patch and pom pom trim on first, the sewed the squares together all bar a few centimetres, I then turned the right way out, stuffed with some toy/cushion stuffing and then hand sewed shut to finish off! Voila, one new cushion for our living room.
I’ve also been working on decorating the walls of my work room because well blank walls are boring! I get some really cool birthdays and instead of keeping them in a keepsake box, I decided I wanted to frame some of them. So at the weekend I bought a paint sample in vamp pink and painted a spare frame I found lying around and then framed a really cool card I got.

It seems pink, black and white is my new favourite colour combination, I think the pink adds a nice pop of vibrancy to the scheme.