The Return of The Riot Grrls!!

In my teen years the Riot Grrl movement was born and was a huge influence on my life. These bands had something to stay and didn’t give a shit, they were loud and brash and I loved them. It was good to have so many female orientated bands to relate to that weren’t warbling on about being heart broken or having chimneys on their head!! I was completely in love with Babes In Toyland and Kat Bjellend screeching vocals. I set the video to record late night shows such as The Word so I could watch L7 notorious performance that included tampon flinging, ย my only regret was that I never got to see them play live back then, all my friends were into different music to me and I didn’t have the confidence back then to go on my own. So you can imagine my happiness when I discovered that all these bands are reforming and playing again. I was totally pissed that I missed Sleater-Kinney playing, that one went completely off my radar! Not sure how seeing as I’m subscribed to a bajillion gig lists!

On Tuesday 26th May we toddled off to The Shepards Bush Empire to see Babes in Toyland, I wanted to make sure we got there on time because I was pretty sure the support bands they had chosen would be good. They were. I ventured down nearer the stage whilst it was less crowded, I don;t do well with being squished like in my younger days and prefer to hang out at the back where it is a little more relaxed, although that’s where all the talkers hang out as well. I never understand the let’s go to a gig, ignore the band and shout over their set types!!!

First up was sister duo Skating Polly, I really liked them, there songs and they way they switch instruments. Granted there are only two instruments a guitar and drums but still it bought a different sounds with the change over.

Second up were the pins from Manchester, they were good, I liked them but probably not enough to go buy their album. They were more heading towards The Bangles and Fuzzbox than riotgrrl but still enjoyable to listen to.

Then Babes In Toyland, by this time ย I had left the pit to move back to a less squished distance and discovered that I forgot to put the memory card in the camera!! So limited pictures here. The set was short and sweet but still worth every penny. Classic were played, jokes were made and the sea of thirty to forty something moshers at the front was endearing. Never letting go of our roots, reminded again why we were (and still are) angry in the first place, Babes In Toyland will always hold a special place in my heart for guiding me to being the person I am today.