What I Made: A Brief History!

So I’ve finally made time to start working on my Me Made Wardrobe again! About time, it’s been ages since I’ve made anything. Now the wedding it’s out of the way and work is less crazy during the this part of the year, and suffering serious dress envy from some of my fellow sewcialists on Twitter and Instagram, I dusted off the sewing machine and got practising using my serger and am now ready to get back into making my dream wardrobe! When it comes to clothes I definitely do no have a minimalist attitude, though my wardrobe has been a bit sparse since the last clear out, it’s has been slowly filled with band t-shirts but I love clothes especially vintage and my own clothes made by me.I have done a little high street shopping over the last few months but that’s mainly for staples like trousers and underwear, oh and a wedding dress. But generally I keep my high street shopping to a minimum, except charity shops.
I remember when I first Started sewing, I had no idea about adjusting for your figure or that you should wash material first before cutting it out, or even how to use a sewing machine properly but like with anything no one starts out good at anything. Some maybe able to pick up things quicker than others but practise is the key to any given talent. Take the dress above, it was one of the first dresses I ever made for me , the shoulders are two different widths, I didn’t (and still don’t) care, I made it and it fit and it was the perfect shade of green for me. This was fifteen odd years ago now, I still have the dress, it doesn’t get worn much but has been kept for sentimental value.
As time went on I discovered the shapes and fits I liked most and were comfortable to wear and stuck to making those using patterned and brightly coloured fabrics. I mainly started sewing because I couldn’t find dresses I liked on the high street and once I got the hang of it and making clothes that were more me, I knew I’d be a sewer for life.
This doesn’t mean I still didn’t (and do) make mistakes along the way, I’ve lost count of the numbered of failed projects that have been recycled into new things or binned from sheer f*ckwittery and not paying attention to what I was doing! There have been many tantrums along the way, never sew when you’re tired or short for time folks! Take the Orange Blossom dress on the left, looks good right, yeah well my boobs were squashed beyond all belief because I cut the bodice the wrong size on that occasion! It’s now just a skirt! The Red Rose Dress was a lesson in making sure all the material is cut with the print all facing the right way up! one of the back panels is upside down. Luckily the print was small enough not to be noticeable and would have looked silly had the print been bolder and larger.
I have also learned that despite dressing quite plainly as a teenager and with a wardrobe that mainly consisted on black and grey clothing, I do like bold and colourful prints, just not the stuff they sold on the high street.
Another advantage to being able to sew your own clothes or just being crafty in general is the amount of freebies you get from your friends wanting to unload stuff, like a massive batch of saris which are currently being recycled into dresses. Like this one I made for a friends wedding last year, don’t ask what’s going on with my eyes in this photos, I Just Don’t Know!!!

This is just a selection of what I’ve made over the years, some never got round to being photographed or for that matter even being finished. My favourites are either still currently been worn or are in storage from been worn too much! Some have been sold, some given away and the rest recycled into something new.

Β I’ve also made quite a bit for friends and family over the years too, dresses including a wedding dress, which was one of the first pieces I made. A little adventurous for a novice sewer but it held together on the day and that is that matters I guess! My other go to sewing hobby is patchwork blankets, I also knit and have actually started knitted stuff for myself for a change, before that it’s been gifts for everyone else! I’ve now decided to concentrate on making stuff for me.

So now I’m back to making my own clothes again, I have a serger to give my clothes a more professional finish and have been purchasing some material that is a little off beat and kooky to suit my personality and am planning co-ordinating knitted pieces to go with my outfits and am planning on introducing things like trousers and knitted fabrics to my skill set. I will be posting about all the things I make, mainly to encourage me to not to get sidetracked by other things. And from the state of these pictures, I’ll also be learning to pose a bit better!

How and why did you get into sewing? I’d really love to hear why you sew.

Natasha x