The Stay Home Club!

I came across the Stay Home Club on Instagram, I think it was regrammed into my line but I started following them immediately because I loved their stuff. Simple yet quirky and appealed to my hermit like nature I’ve adopted recently in becoming self employed and working from home. I’ve been eyeing up their stuff on line and was deciding what to buy when I they posted they would be doing a pop up shop in Hackney last weekend, I knew I would be popping by for a visit. They had a little drama where by the stock they sent in way advance by post got stuck in customs over here, they put in a back up plan but thankfully it arrived (just) before the shop opened. Stay Home Club is run by Olivia Mew out of  Montreal, Canada since 2012. She also collaborates with other other artists to bring designs to the shop.

I picked up a t-shirt, a tote bag, some iron on patches and pin and also got some freebie stickers as an extra.

I was really happy I got the Stay Home Club Scoop Neck Tee in black. This originally came in white only but I’m not overly fond of white t-shirts so when it was recently introduced in black this was the one. It has a lovely soft worn in feel with a slightly loose fit and I will probably be wearing this a lot it’s so comfy. There was a small mistake on the sleeve but I unpicked it to even out the material and then sewed it back up but it was no biggy and easy to fix.

I had a hard time choosing between the tote bags. I almost got the Emotional Baggage one but I liked the Gold and black colourway of this bag, plus it’s a jumbo tote which means I can fit more of my crap into into it.
I got two patches, the Far From Home, Born to Roam and The Too Bad, So Sad and a superstitious Eye pin.. Haven’t decided what to put them on yet. The Far From Home badge and the superstitious eye pin are by Explorers Press, their stuff is also super cool and I’m having a hard time choosing what I’m gonna buy next from them.
(Sincere apologies for the different sized photos, I’m still learning how to edit and resize, as you can see, this still needs some work!!!)
Disclaimer: All products have been purchased by myself, for myself and I have not been asked to review or promote these products.