The Curse of Henry Rollins

The other week I booked tickets for Henry Rollin’s new spoken word show in January, I love his spoken word shows, he’s a great story teller. Anyway it got me thinking of the other shows I’ve been to.

The first one I went to at the London School of Economics back in 1998 never nearly happened due to if I can recall correctly (it was a long time ago) a small fire in the school.

The Second one in 2001, on my way to the gig I had my purse snatched in Brixton, I chased the guy through the market screaming blue murder, in flip flops so I more shocked I didn’t trip over head first into veg stall, some kid went speeding past me. Just as I came out of the market I came to a stop and resigned myself that my purse was gone, a policeman asked if I was okay and I told him what happened, he pointed at the police van and asked was it that guy? It was! Went to the police station and had to give a statement, which they wrote out very quickly for us because we had a show to go to, thankfully my ticket wasn’t in my purse!! We made it to the show, which was being filmed and you can see me briefly in the first five minutes of the video (or now DVD), the guy who nicked my purse ended up six months on remand and a criminal record, which I’m pretty sure he had already.

The Dominion Theatre in 2003, two of my friends sneaked off before the gig to go smoke a joint in a small park behind what used to be the London Astoria and almost got locked in! (the dumb asses)

I think the Hammersmith Apollo gigs in 2006 and 2008 went without incident but I’m convinced something went awry like maybe the bus was late or something!

2010 – I took a friend, inspired by his stories she’s like let’s go travelling, cut a long story short, she ended up blocking me on Facebook for taking something the wrong way, a massive over reaction on her part or maybe because she knew she was never going to go travelling and just wanted to marry some bloke she met off the Internet to move to America (she did in the end!)

Weirdly, all the people I went to these shows with I’m no longer in contact, faded friendships and all that and obviously this has nothing to with Henry Rollins and he’s not actually a curse or cursed, it’s just an observation, though statistically it appears these situations happen more or less when Henry is in town so I wonder what January will bring.