Late to The Party

I recently changed my twitter bio to always late to the party because when it comes to pop culture I’m pretty much years behind and am like oh guess what I discovered and it’s great and everyone else is like  been there, done that, already donated the t-shirt to the charity shop! Trying to keep up these days is ridiculously impossible, things change so quickly in the fickle world of social media trying to keep up is like running a marathon, FYI I hate running, I’m more of a casual walker who likes to actually take stock of what is around me.

But it’s okay not to be into everything, not to keep up with everything or discover things later than everyone else. One thing I can’t stand is snobbery, when you discover something and people respond oh where the hell have you been? Like they’re all cool and smug that they discovered something before you did! Also you shouldn’t be liking stuff because everyone else is, you should do stuff and like it because you do. For the record I am not a cool kid, I never was and I never will be! I am still that socially inept, awkward and hermit status loving teenager even as I approach forty and  probably always will be, the fact is I’m currently vicariously reliving my teenage grunge youth though the next generation as they ironically wear their Nirvana band t-shirts and tell us that it means ‘peace and tranquillity’ and I’ve had to stop eye rolling at this statement due to muscle strain!

Though there has to be something said about  discovering something new for the first time like a TV show or a new band, it’s like Christmas or your birthday has arrived early. Most T.V programs have been and gone, take Sons of Anarchy, I bought the DVD on import when I first heard about it, the series has now finished seven seasons later and I still haven’t watched that import, mainly because I got rid of region free DVD player! And I still haven’t started it, nor have I started the Wire, started Dexter but only one season. I understand that these are all top quality programmes but then there is underlying, unspoken pressure to like said programme when you watch it. Take Scrubs,everyone was raving on about how funny it was etc, etc. Yeah, well I just wanted smack the character J.D. round the head I have never come across a character so boring, when  you explain this to people they’re like, ‘Oh you just didn’t get it!’ Umm, yes I did! But then I’m blessed with finding someone with the same off beat sense of humour than me and we can laugh at the programmes that E4 lovers don’t. That’s not that I don’t find these programmes funny, I just don’t find them as funny as I think I’m meant to.

Though the joy of streaming TV means that when you do finally discover a programme you love, you can binge watch it! I adore Portlandia. Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen and a perfect comedy duo and their parodies of people and social issues are on point! I’m now also working my way through Parks and Recs which has also finished but it gives me serious belly ache from laughing so much and a total crushes on Lesley, April and Ron ‘Fucking’ Swanson! I’m already emotionally preparing myself knowing that this has already ended, for the record I’m really bad at dealing with the ending of my favourite programmes. I still haven’t watched the last episode of OZ and it’s been 12 years since the final episode aired!! Music wise, I’m trying to discover new to me bands like Future Islands and Action Bronson whilst also being grateful that all my favourite bands are reforming so I get to see them a second time round because I missed the first party due to be a inept loner with not very good friends (or maybe I wasn’t the good friend, I never found out!)

But I digress as I always do in these types of posts, it’s doesn’t matter if you’re late to the party, apparently only the cool people turn up to parties late, for the record (again) I’m not cool just easily distracted from the task in question! It doesn’t matter if everyone was listening to that last week and has moved on, or what fashion trends are in, or if everyone is watching a programme and you’re still stuck on something else, or everyone is clued into the next social media phenomenon and you’re still like what the fuck is Snapchat?  At the end of the day do what you like, when you like, like what you like, be you, be happy! To be honest it should go without saying, it doesn’t matter if you don’t make it to the party at all! Have your own party, just not a pity party, nobody likes a pity party!


2 thoughts on “Late to The Party

  1. I'm like that 🙂 I recently discovered Japanese anime and have been binge watching every show I come across and then I talk to other people and they all reply with, “Oh, I stopped watching anime years ago. Is it still any good?” ahahahahaha

    I really enjoyed this post and am glad I'm not the only one late to the party!


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