The Savage Gardener: The Grow List

So whilst there is not much to report on the garden front this week, I thought I do a grow list on what’s has been sown so far or will be and depending on their success will be going into the garden or not.


Poona Kheera, White Wonder and  Crystal Lemon have all taken well. The poonas and wonders have been repotted and moved to the greenhouse to harden off. The crystal lemons took after a second sowing so are lagging behind a little.


There are a lot of tomatoes going into the garden this year, Sub Arctic Plenty, White Wonder,
Tigerella, Limon, Pink Charmer F1, Oragnic Yellow Pear, Tumbler F1 and Glacier. The white wonders haven;t taken in the first round, so I’m going to sow some more and hope it’s not a dud batch. All the rest are doing well, though the limons and still quite tiny.


I took a gamble and only planted one of each seed because I usually end up with too many peppers though I appear to have planted two Lemon Drops. There are also Cayenne, Cherry Bomb and Sweet Chocolate Pepper


I had a lot of problems growing squash last year, especially with the end of the fruit rotting but I’ve read up on this and hopefully I can fix the problem with making sure the plants get enough calcium in their feed. So we have Hokkaido Winter, Hubbard Blue and if they ever germinate Uchiki Kuri. I have only one seed left of this so I’m just hoping they are late bloomers!!


This is the first time I’m growing okra and I have two varieties Clemson Spineless and Red Burgandy. The pack said to soak these seeds for 24 hours before planting, it really does work, they germinated the next day!!

Peas and Beans

I’m hoping I have enough climbing space for these so I only planted one of each, French Yellow, Blue Lake and Purple Podded Peas.


There is already White Chard growing from over winter, I need to start harvesting this as it now seems ready to eat. We also have Nastutiums and I’m planning on planting some salad leaves such as Texel Greens, Chard (Bright Lights/Rainbow Mix) and Komatsuna once it get s a bit warmer and I’ve built a net cage to go round it, I’ve lost too many green to hungry caterpillars over the years.


There is a large selection of miscellaneous Aubergine Baby Belle F1, Cucamelon, Tomatillo Verde
Garlic, Onions, Potatoes and a last minute addition of Corn and Golden Beetroot. Still deciding on carrots, I may actually have to reason with myself and admit there is no suitable growing space for this!


Strawberries wise we already have an established plant in the garden in a hanging basket, I think it’s an alpine variety and it has already started to flower. I am trying again this year with the White Soul as last year I didn;t have nay luck and also Mignonette seeds to plant, They will both probably go in hanging baskets.

Raspberry we have a pink raspberry from last year which has re-emerged from hibernation and I added a golden raspberry purchased from Wilkos on a whim. I’m still deciding on rhubarb!


I cannot have a garden without flowers and we need to encourage those bees so I’ve planted my usual mix of Marigolds using Kolbold Mix and Calendula Mix, also Honesty, Lupins and Sunflower. I’m still waiting for most of these to come up though, there are signs and I had to rescue some from slugs this morning! I’ve planted a second round of sunflowers as the first batch of seeds were a dud but that’s what you get for shopping in the 99p store, it’s seed roulette. You either get really good seeds or dud seeds!

I’m pretty sure I’ll be adding some more, I’ll be doing a plant/seed swap in a few weeks so I’ll report back with those and I’m planning on filling the garden to complete capacity as I want to grow as much as possible.

I’ve also added a page for this years grow list as well.