The Savage Gardener

So the journey into turning this little concrete urban plot into a Good Life style garden is well on it’s way. With the nice weather and good dose of sunshine we received these last two weeks the garden is beginning to flourish. The raspberry bush has come out of hibernation and hopefully this year we’ll get some raspberries off it. I also got a Golden Raspberry from Wilko for £2 to had some more fruity goodness to the garden. I’m kind of deciding on if I have room for a rhubarb.

The winter and spring plants are beginning the end of their sprint and I’m slowly removing the dead roots and storing the bulbs for autumn and getting the pots ready for transplanting the seedlings that are doing rather well on the window sill, even if the tomatilloes are a little leggy at the moment.

This last week I’ve been starting of some more seeds such as okra (best to be soaked for 24 hours before planting), squash and aubergines. I’ve also potted some more crystal lemon cucumber seeds as they seemed to be a dud lot and also the white wonder tomato hasn’t germinated either, so will try another round of those. Everything else has germinated though which is a good sign.

Potatoes have also taken.

This week I also planted some squash and aubergines seeds and I’ve been reading up on taking care of squashes as they always start off well but then the fruits start to get end rot! So far the grow list is looking rather plentiful, I’m going to do a separate page with my full grow list this year with links to where I bought the seeds, how well they grow and how good the harvest is.

Seeing as the garden pretty much looks the same as last week, here’s some pictures of cats, it wouldn’t be a true Internet post without a picture of a cat.

Brat Cat making a rare outside appearance and enjoying some sunshine.

One of the little rascals from next door hiding out in the steps of another neighbour’s garden.