Future Islands @ The Roundhouse

March was pretty quite for gigs, in April there will be no gigs as there I’m kind of up to my eyeballs organising something and also it’s pretty thin on the ground but May and June are set to be epic, so many artists I get to tick off my wish list. I discovered the Future Islands last year after someone posted a video of their appearance on the Letterman Show and asked myself why the hell have I never heard off this band and have been pretty much in love with their sound ever since.

The gig was good, the Vaselines was supporting (I missed the first support act Chiffon), I wasn’t exactly enamoured by their songs, they sounded samey and the female lead singer was apparently trying to be funny but just came across as really rude, I guess maybe the fans would have found it funny. I decided instead of being a creature of habit to not stand at the back and went to the side of the stage instead which was a little bit closer and able to capture some better but still not great pictures on my phone and also try out the VSCO app I recently installed but let’s face it I really need to invest in a decent camera. I have to stay I really liked this band live and Sam has a great stage presence and really gives it his all performing, it’s not hard to see why all their shows sold out. Also how pretty is the Roundhouse? It’s pretty damn cool under all those lights!

PS remember I’m not a gig reviewer I just like going to gigs, enjoying really good music and taking really bad photos whilst I’m there!!!