The Savage Gardener

I forgot to post last weekend as I was up at the in laws for Easter Weekend, so I left my seeds to get on with it, so far most of them have germinated, still no White Wonder Tomatoes, Crystal Lemon Cucumbers or any of the chillies or peppers but everything else is doing well.

This week I’ve mainly concentrated on flowers to hopefully to encourage some bees into the garden. I like to have flowers in the garden all year round, mainly to kind of dull out the greyness of the garden in general! In the winter I plant out winter pansies which are still going strong!

In the spring I have crocuses and hyacinths and for summer I plant my favourite flowers lupins and dahlias. I have also started off some nasturtiums and marigolds and honesty. Vegetable wise I have soaked and planted some red and green okra seeds and also started off a potato bag from some sprouted potatoes I left in veg basket and forgot to use.

I also forgot to mention on last weeks extremely long and rambling post (apologies for that) that my garlic and onions I planted in January which are in the little greenhouse have taken quite well. I kind of cheated with these but I bout a bag of tiny onions and garlic from a local grocery shop, that were going cheap because they had germinated/sprouted. I’ve been told you should removed the germ and plant that but as a savage gardener I just planted the bulbs straight into pots, lightly watered and stuck then in the mini greenhouse and hoped for the best, turns out they have taken quite well!

Garden wise I’ve had a massive tidy up, I managed to salvage some of the broken greenhouse and create a planting shelf to raise some of the plants up to get more sun exposure as parts of the garden are quite cool and shady, even on the hottest day. This also doubles up as a discrete divider between the gardens as we have a very low fence and with the gardens being so small it can feel a bit invasive and not very private, I have also started off some sunflowers to add to this wall, that way we still get a bit of privacy and sunlight without offending the neighbours by whacking up a higher fence!