March Round Up

March has got off to a positive start on Etsy, I reached the view count for February within the first week of March, launched a few new ranges and the shop seems to be gaining some interest at last, I’m hoping this will lead to sales. Folksy on the other is not doing so well, I’m finding it hard to direct traffic to the shop and sales are non existent and so are viewings! I was using Folksy as a seconds and sample shop the lack of traffic isn;t helping, they really could use a tagging system, so I moved all the samples and second over to Etsy.  I’m gonna have a think about it and maybe try a new stratergy later on but for now I’m concentrating on Etsy. This is probably slightly cheating in reaching my listings goal for March but every little helps. My listing goal for march was to get the shop to 150 which was acheived, my ultimate goal is to have around 200 items in the shop and keep it topped up, so then I can work on other projects that require a little more time.

 The Hoop Art Range featuring my favourite quotes and sayings. I have received some hoops in stock in varying sizes and will soon be adding some embroidered artwork to the store.

A selection of sample sale necklaces with  different slogans on them.
I also added a selection of retro inspired glass beaded fruit themed jewellery to the shop.

And these are my favourite make to so far, I’ve been waiting on some chain to do these and they’re finally on sale, my Rainbow Pom Pom necklaces, in an assortment of different colour themes such as Spring, Summer, Candy and Berries.

 I also did my first market of the year, it went well, met lots of nice people and sold a few cherry hair clips. It was a little quiet but I think that was due to the date changing due to the venue being scheduled for demolishing. So sad that the Roller Disco is no more, I just wish I had gone to one of their nights before knowing this. So many cool places are being lost to money hungry developers.

I carried on with the great destash and unearthed a box of bead and jewellery making bits, that along with the beads I ordered for a specific range, there is now a jewellery section in the shop as well. I do have plans for jewellery range but this requires me to learn how to make my own beads and castings. Also I was the benefactor of someones craft clear out and was generously donated a load of beads and jewellery making supplies, including display stands and jewel cases so I can send out some of the more delicate items in cases to protect them. This also meant even more items to hit the jewellery section.

So what’s in store for April, well first tackle the accounts and get my tax return done, I’m seriously trying to stamp out the habit of leaving everything to the last minute. Then it’s work on a few more ranges and getting the shop up to at least 200 items, so I can work on the next phase of my business (would you believe I actually have a plan in place!!) and hopefully find time to finish off some personal projects I started in March!