Weekly Watch

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

So last week Netflix released a new original series called the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, for once I was not late to the party and I binged watched the entire series in three days (this is an all time record for me) whilst beading what felt like a million necklaces (it was actually more like twenty). The only other Netflix original I’ve managed to keep up with upon release is Hemlock Grove, still haven’t got round to Orange is The New Black but it’s next on my list maybe, they’ve just added some 3rd Rock from The Sun and A Different World!!!

So everyone was raving on twitter how funny and brilliant it was and I was reminded how everyone said that about Scrubs and to be honest, I didn’t think Scrubs was all that, I didn’t even find it that funny. JD was annoying and flat and yeah I just couldn’t get on with it but I decided to give this new series a chance. Created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, Kimmy Schmidt and three other women have been locked underground in an apocalypse bunker for fifteen years by a cult leader who tricked them and are then rescued, after a talk show appearance Kimmy decides to stay in New York.

Annoying theme song aside (seriously it’s an ear worm you’ll find hard to shake) I didn’t find it that bad, it’s funny but not hilarious. Kimmy’s over enthusiasm she throws at everything seems a little over the top but then I read an article here being a cult survivor here which helped me understand the character more. Race issues are handled equally well and badly, Titus dressing as a werewolf because people treat him better than a black man hits the nail on the head. However, the native Indian heritage story line could have been written better but tackles the point of how some cultures feel pressured to make themselves appear more white to get ahead this world and the immigration story line is well a bit predictable. Like I said it’s pretty funny but sometimes the stereotypes are little too cliched, the Daddy’s boy episode fell flat in my opinion, the character of Logan was just a bit too cliched and over the top as was Randy’s character. But it’s definitely worth a watch.

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Also this week I finally made it to the cinema to watch a new film! I know! It was also a double feature! But it was Studio Ghibli so it’s worth it even if the guy behind me nearly got a chopstick in the eye for kicking the back of my seat like he was trying to launch me out of my chair! Anyhoo, we went to see The Tale of Princess Kaguya the latest offering from Studio Ghibli, is a bittersweet movie about a Princess born from a bamboo shoot to an older couple, who when she gets older move her to the capital to be a noble princess. As with all Ghibli films there is strong underlining moral to the story and without giving too much away it covers love, regret, and the conflict of her being a free woodland spirit versus being the traditional noble princess to please her father.

The second feature was Grave of The Fireflies, I’ve had this film saved a while on Tivo but haven’t watched because I’ve been told it’s a tearjerker. Whilst standing in the queue for the ladies, I got chatting to a woman who told me that she’s had on DVD for three years for pretty much the same reason I’ve had saved on Tivo for so long. Now I’m not one to really cry at films but war films are my Achilles heel and yes this one is a tear jerker to the max! The films portrayal of a young boy trying to protect his little sister from the harsh brutality of wartime Japan is beautifully done but ultimately will break the hardest of hearts. It is a must watch and is probably one of the best Ghibli films I have ever seen but you have been warned!!


It’s no secret I’m in love with the series Portlandia, their observations and portrayals of people and life are spot on. I’ve just finished watching season three and and making my way through season four this last week and its still very much holding it’s own. The season three finale called Blackout was much stronger and funnier than Brunch Village. Chloe Sevigny’s recurring role as Alexandra as a supposedly crazy free spirited nymph like kidult who actually is just jumping on stuff she finds on the net to be cool and different and when she refers to Siouxie Sioux as Suxy Sux reminds me I’m now at that age where I now eye roll at kids wearing Nirvana band t-shirts and telling me it means happiness and peace!!

I also like how some of the recurring characters are growing and coming into their own. When Candice and Toni go to a sports bar and managed to get Stefi Graf to right a good review for their shop because let’s face it they are the world’s worst sales people, is hilarious, still loving Peter and Nance, and Nina’s birthday shows how we get sucked into having massive celebrations to show how fabulous a life we lead with one couple having to get a birthday loan to cover all the expensive activities is something we can all relate to at some point in our lives. Their steady stream of excellent cameos from Matt Berry, Matt Lucas, Jeff Goldblum, Roseanne Barr and of course Kyle MacLachlan as the Mayor also contributes to the excellence of this show but let’s face it, the writing is brilliant!

(All images courtesy of IMDb)