Weekly Watch

It’s been a bit of a slow week on the WW front, if I’m sewing then I don’t really watch that much TV or movies but I’m still catching the odd episode here and there.

Portlandia – Still loving it and now every time I make jewelry I sing the ‘She’s making Jewelry Now’, though wasn’t feeling the Brunch Village episode at the end of Season two, just felt the most unportlandia episode of all them so far, though Tim Robbins was quite funny.

Parks and Recs – So you know by now I always either find out by a TV programme after everyone else has finished watching it but I’m a little bit in love with Leslie Knopes and Ron Swanson, who isn’t.

Supernatural – I was super excited when I realised I could binge watch all nine seasons of Supernatural, however my enthusiasm seems to be waning, I’m barely making it through the last few episodes of season one. I won’t say that I’ve outgrown it but I may need to skip to season five and pick up where I originally left off. Though there are some great episodes in the first four seasons like Yellow Fever!

Movie wise I haven’t really been watching many, we were going to go the cinema to see Inherent Vice and then I forgot Paul Thomas Anderson likes to make really long films, as I get older I get less tolerant of sitting in cinema seats for long periods of time, I also have been spoilt by the pause the film so I can take a pee break that you can do at home, though we are going for a studio Ghibli double bill soon but at least a break is incorporated into that!