Weekly Watch

I haven’t really been watching much due to either working or just being out and about. I’m still waiting for Sleepy Hollow and Gotham to return just, SH because I love it and Gotham, well because it’s rumoured it’s supposed to get better and I’d like to know if that’s true. It’s not bad, just a little over hyped well over dramatic, who ever is in charge of the score is putting in some serious overtime, no one needs that kind of dramatic music just for putting their tie on!!

So on Netflix I finally got round to watching some Portlandia which I love, especially the guest cast each week like Amy Mann’s cleaning lady and Kyle MacLachlan’s mayor. Also again late to the party, working my way through Parks and Recs, I can’t decide who I love more Lesley Knopes or Ron Swanson!

Also caught up on some Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, this program is mainly stupid in a funny way but the musical episode from series 1 was a work of genius, also so is Atticus Murphy Jr!! I hear there’s a second musical episode with a metal doo wop!!

I haven’t really been watching much as I’ve been either writing or making stuff. Oh I watched Moonraker again for about the fifty billionth time, you can always count on a James Bond movie to wile away those rainy days!

In other news the Goth has been ploughing through Fringe, I’m not sure at what point he’s going to get annoyed with me walking in half way through an episode and asking what the hell is going on here? I should probably try and watch it myself, it’s only four seasons long!