There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Weird

As much as I love rainbows and unicorns I also have a deep rooted goth side and am an ardent metal head who loves 50s vintage dresses, in a nutshell I’m a bit eclectic and this shows up in my work, some ranges will be fun and bright, others vintage inspired, others a bit Gothic. So the shop will inevitably be a bit eclectic and the ranges will vary and there will be something for everyone!

I bought some cross stitching hoops last month with the intention of adding some cross stitching pieces to the shop but instead ended up making some art wall hangings instead with my favourite quotes/sayings on them. I am a weirdo, it took me a while to realise that being is okay as Dr Seuss says ‘Why Fit In, When You’re Born To Stand Out?’

A little love for some of my favourite movies Twin Peaks, Beetlejuice and Heathers
A little lyrical love from The Crow soundtrack
Β You’re weird and you should stay that way!
Embrace your weirdness and be proud of it, it’s what makes you unique!
I’m not afraid to say it and I am a weirdo for life!Β 
Β Whatever is it your day dreaming about, stop and go and make it reality!

I really enjoyed making these hoops and I have a few left over that I’m experimenting on without quotes. I think I have definitely found something I like making and really would like to make these a regular feature in the shop. I think with my next batch I’m going to actually embroider and mix it up a bit.

Also as an important side note, these items are open for customisation through Etsy, so if you have a particular quote, saying, lyric etc that you want made, drop me a request through the shop.