February Round Up!

So February was a quiet month, if likes equalled sales it would have been an awesome month but alas I had my first saleless month. A bit  disappointing but it happens and I know other sellers way more successful than me have a quiet month as well, so hopefully everyone will have a better month in March! But it hasn’t been all quiet as it seems, it’ has given me the opportunity to make lots of things and stock up the shop and also make great progress in Operation Destash, the craft room is looking a lot tidier and less chaotic.

At the beginning of February I launched the Sweethearts and Lovebirds range on Etsy.

I also added some more sparkly cloud hair clips.

I had been stuck on inspiration for my next range I knew it would involved some black and white striped material I had been hanging on to for something I just didn’t know what. I know a lot of people sketch out out their ideas or right them down but I prefer to get all my materials out and just have a mix and match session and see what happens. I ended up making a range of tote and make up bags inspired by characters from Tim Burton movies, I launched this last week.

I also reached my goal of getting the shop stocked with over a 100 different items, yes there are currently over 100 different designs for sale in my shop.

I also started on my next batch of item which is hoop art based, more to come on that shortly.

Personal projects, I started a cardigan for myself! I do lots of knitting but apparently nothing for myself so as part of the great destash, I found sound large balls of wall that would be perfect for summer cardigans for myself. It’s about time I knitted something for myself.

The Miette

I also mamanged to finally finished a few WIPs from the stash

 Lots of bright colours and patterns going into my wardrobe this summer.

Also refashioned this shirt dress from an old 70s zip up dress! Yes this year is definitely about the bold and the beautiful patterns!

So now I’m working on my March goals!