A Wander Through London Town

On Saturday we decided to go to the Marlene Dumas exhibition at the Tate Modern followed by a walk to Brick Lane for hot salt beef bagels. It takes a lot to drag me out of bed on a Saturday morning but I will sacrifice a lie in if means getting to go to gallery whilst it’s quiet, so we booked in for the 10am entry. I had no idea what to expect from the exhibition I hadn’t heard of Dumas until I saw the exhibition advertised, to be honest I thought it was okay but not really my thing. I found her form of expression kind of creepy, I think that was the point but then it’s to be expected at some point I’ll come across something in the art world that I just don’t connect with, that was this exhibition.
After we sauntered down to Brick Lane and I have a love for the architecture of this city so took a few pictures along the way.
 taking a slight detour after I forgot to take a turning but easily rectified and sometimes it’s good to get lost, like finding these awesome gates.
The thing I like about Brick Lane is that it’s never really static, it’s always changing and the art is always changing. Okay so some people don’t consider graffiti or street art to be art just vandalism but over the last few years it has definitely taken a cue from the 70s and 80s style of freedom of expression and has definitely taken on an art form again. Gone are the pointless name tags scrawled across grimy bus stops and replaced with statement pieces.
We gate crashed a tourist group huddled in a make shift car park posing against walls with directions such as ‘act as though you live round here!’ whilst taking pictures on very big and expensive cameras and there’s me on my android phone IGing away.

After wandering round and taking some pictures and laughing at how ridiculously priced everything is in the vintage shops, seriously it’s an expensive habit to look the same but not the same as everyone else! Also velvet crop tops are making a come back!!! We passed a couple of cafes that had some seriously long queues outside , one being the Cereal Killer cafe but there’s only one place I am willing to queue up outside for in the freezing cold and that is the 24hour Beigel Bake for not one but two hot salt beef with mustard bagels. The rules are simple in this place, know what you want, have your money ready, keep the line moving! Or risk being yelled or eye rolled at one the many ladies serving behind the counter. Seriously I love these women! And yes all gluten free rules are broken for these bad boys, which is why I only pilgrimage about twice a year!

Then part of this pilgrimage means we go and sit in Arnold Circus bandstand and eat our bagels, the best part of which is the mustard hitting the back of your throat causing your nose to run and eyes to water. I have a real soft spot for this place. I used to go to uni in Aldgate, I briefly lived on Kingsland Road just before this area became the ultimate hipster place to live, it’s lost a lot of it’s grimy charm through regen and the building of the cross rail link and Sundays it’s tourist overload but there are a lot of good things round this place, like Columbia Road flower market, The Geffrye Museum, Denis Severs House, Stepney Green City Farm are a few places to mention.

And that was our Valentine’s day!