So I had my pancakes a day early because yesterday I was out most of the day and knew I wouldn’t have time to make them. I also mulled over my usual ‘What to Give Up For Lent?’ as a very lapsed catholic I rarely pay any attention to my so called religion, I’m not even confirmed so I’m not even sure this makes me a proper catholic! Though if in a church for whatever reason, usually a weeding or christening, I always find myself mindlessly quoting along the lord’s prayer, a result of years of conditioning at catholic school. Anyway, some years I follow lent, others I don’t, it’s not something I’m passionate about but I do think it’s a great way to quit bad habits and build good habits. In fact you could do reverse lent and take something good for the next forty odd days and instead of suffering, improve and enjoy your life. It’s also a good excuse to do a resolution do over, I’m not a new year resolutions person myself but if you are and you’ve slipped, now is a good way to pick them up again, also as a bonus you’ll get Easter eggs at the end of it!! A lot of people I know have quit social media for lent, this I actually wholeheartedly support, we should all take regular social media breaks and remember that it’s not the end of the world as some keep making out! I would but it’s not really practical for me considering my work depends on social media and the internet!

So I didn’t really decide what to give up or actually do lent until I woke up this morning. So far I have given up

  • Putting up with weirdo strangers who feel the need to pointlessly comment on my FB feed, he may have thought he was being funny, I thought he was twat. Blocked!
  • On that note I should probably give up overreacting to such incidents!
  • Sugar! Sweets, biscuits, etc etc. My sweet tooth has got out of hand recently and as my body doesn’t deal refined sugar and generally result in mega sugar hangovers the next day, which also ends up with my poor other half suffering as well with my whinging and grumpiness.
  • Procrastinating – this one has got off to a slow start but I’m going to make up for it this afternoon by finishing a whole new range for the shop!
I think that’s enough to be getting on with for now. Good luck if you’ve given up something for lent and if you haven’t, no Easter eggs for you (just kidding!)