Die Antwoord @ Brixton Academy

I probably won’t be writing about gigs as much, mainly because I see a lot of the same bands over and over and me saying I enjoyed/didn’t enjoy this gig will get boring real quick but also I’m not really a reviewer. My original intention when I started writing about bands and music was not to review them as I know what I like and what I don’t like but how it’s played a part in my life and how it is a apart of my life, and my experiences and how it creates and evokes memories, feelings etc without sounding like a pompous twat or a complete bitch. I understand that this is a tall order but anyway it here it goes.

We started off the gig year with Die Antwoord at the Brixton Academy (yeah this post is a little late!) I figured it would be a good way to shake of the winter/post chrimbo blues and the get the year started in party mode. The thing I like about gigs is all the different types of people it brings together and how you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but as with most gigs you can generally figure out the types of people who are going to turn up. Like at a Die Antwoord gig you can pretty much guarantee a younger and slightly more on trend crowd. Not being a trend follower I kinda missed out on the memo that were the 90s were back. I kind of knew grunge was back but seeing as I never really left my grunge phase the ‘you shouldn’t wear it second time round’ rule went out the window because basically I’ve never really stopped wearing it to begin with. What I wasn’t prepared for was the full on onslaught of 90s Club Kids mixed with extras from Clueless and 90210 with a few ageing Cyber Goths thrown in for good measure just to make sure all trends of the 90s were covered! A walk round some of the vintage shops on Brick Lane at the weekend confirmed that velvet is also making a comeback whether we like it or not!

Ethnic mirrored baseball caps, buffalo platforms, crop tops with china bumps and undercuts! And a walk round some of the vintage shops on Brick Lane at the weekend confirmed that velvet is making a comeback whether we like it or not! There’s me being all outrageous in my cream faux fur coat and pink hair and well I was kinda of a wallflower compared to some. My favourite was one girl The Goth spotted, to be fair she was not hard to miss especially at about 6 foot tall in her platform sandals but she was wearing my favourite outfit of the night which was a cream faux fur hooded jacket with flashing lights sewn in and pink mermaid skirt, in effect she was a human disco, I might have fallen slightly in love with her and I’m not one of those people who likes to surreptitiously take photos of people, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. I did spot a nice pair of heart print ย shoes at the weekend to spice up my wardrobe because I have been feeling a little lacklustre in the wardrobe department lately but a combination of the ridiculous high heels and my lack of balance would be a dangerous combination, so I’m gonna stick to trying to turn my cream coat into a disco coat instead!!

As for the gig, there was a DJ set to open and then Die Antwoord who were just what I need to get this year started. From their stage set, to their outfits to their awesome dancers the set did not disappoint. They played old tunes and new tunes, did a couple of solo bits each but mainly the house was jumping and the place was packed, it was like being at an old skool rave and I loved it!

Anyway, here are a few poorly taken photos from the gig.