Weekly Watch!

(This post is actually a over a week late!!  Sorry)

I go through phases of watching and not watching stuff, at the moment I’m going through I a watching stuff phase. I’m slowly getting back into TV programmes, though why Universal have fucked up the Sleepy Hollow season 2 scheduling I don’t know why!!! I need to know if this apocalypse happens or not plus Crane and Mills are the best supernatural crime fighting due there is, sorry Winchester brothers! Anyway, some of the work I do can be quite repetitive and sitting in the craft studio hot fixing gem after gem can get a little boring so I’ve been working my way through Netflix.

After someone mentioned it the other week, I ended up having a 90s movie theme marathon!
The Craft – I actually wanted to be a witch after watching this movie, stars my girl crush Fairuza Balk. I still like it and secretly still want to be a witch!
Wayne’s World – Back before he unleashed the annoying Austin Powers on us there was Wayne’s World! So I Married An Axe Murderer is one of my fave movies but you gotta love a little bit of Wayne’s World and the epic Bohemian Rhapsody sing along car ride scene!
Empire Records – I actually don’t like this movie! I’d forgotten why until I rewatched it. It’s actually quite rubbish and I can’t be bothered to go into the reasons why!!
Clueless – Not the greatest of movies but still funny and watchable, if only for Paul Rudd!
Heathers – My most favourite satirical movie of the 80s (so technically not a 90s movie but it paved the way), I love this movie so much
Jawbreaker – A weak film that depends on a lot of cameos but still watchable if only to be reminded of the hideous 90s trend of shiny, short dresses and matching lip gloss!!!
Powerpuff Girls – (purely research for my work, yeah OK I’m lying but not totally). I’m actually a massive fan of animation/cartoons. If you haven’t seen the Amazing World of Gumball, go and do it now!
TV wise I caught up on AHS Freakshow, had to say I was a little disappointed in the ending, I thought Elsa got off lightly!
Oh and I finally managed to watch a whole Superbowl. I first started watching AF as a kid, I think I picked my team (Miami Dolphins) because my friend liked them as well but despite the friendship fading and not actually following the game for a few years you stick with your team regardless of how much you’ve actually forgotten the rules of the game. Despite not actually being a sports fan, I’ve kinda of always like American football, for the record I hate normal football or soccer. The only other sport I vaguely follow in Tennis but that’s lost it’s charm now that it’s all power serves and who can grunt the loudest. I quite like the Bob Skeleton in the winter Olympics mainly because it has the words bob and skeleton in it!

Have also discovered the gem that is Parks and Recs on Netflix and been catching up on some Bob’s Burgers!