Rainbow Hair and Resting Bitch Faces!

I’ve kind of been keeping track of the comments I get when it comes to my hair. You see generally when it comes to my hair I take a lazy approach, today I totally forgot to brush it even before leaving the house! But generally it just goes up into a ponytail or bun. When I used to be really into vintage dressing I would properly pin curl my hair 40s or 50s style and then play get the decade wrong as my colleagues would comment on my style. Generally it was more complimentary than when I wore a skull necklace was branded a satanist (I kid you not as I was actually branded a satanist but the woman was an idiot).

Anyway since I’ve gone back to colouring my hair rainbow colours, I’ve had the usual ‘if you keep changing your hair colour your hair will fall out’ from the older generation of my family, the obvious ‘oh your hair is (insert colour here!) like I’m not aware of the fact that I’ve dyed my hair! And pretty much compliments from the rest. The comments I have been mainly taking note of are the ones from strangers. It turns out strangers are much better at compliments than most people I know personally in regards to my hair. I’ve had people stop me to tell me how pretty my hair is, the other day some guy walked passed me with a huge grin on his face and said ‘nice barnet!’ I ignored the cans of lager in each hand. What I have also noticed is that the warmer the shade of colour, the more likely people are to stop and compliment it, there is something about having pink/purple hair that makes you appear more approachable.

I admit I do suffer resting bitch face syndrome, people often think I’m giving them dirty looks, the truth of the matter is I’m off in a different world and I can’t actually see them until they actually speak to me to get my attention. If I have my ipod on, I mentally tune out the world completely and people I know have actually had to literally floor me before I know they are trying to get my attention. One time an ex-colleague actually got a stranger to flag me down whilst she parked her car so I wouldn’t run off, poor cow was well out of breath after she bolted across the car park to give me a business card of a tattooist she knows, bless her heart, she knows me so well.

Of course, I’m not going to keep my hair pink just so people will compliment me but it has been interesting finding out what people directly and indirectly think of you just being yourself. I remember one time at my old work place, bumping into a woman I’d never seen before telling me how she thought I was brave to dye my hair pink and then as an after thought and probably wasn’t meant to be said out loud said she wondered what HR would think of it? I immediately went to my manager and explained what happened and he said not too worry because he didn’t care what colour my hair was! Turns out they were trying to implement a new policy banning ‘unnatural’ hair colour and facial piercings, our argument was this didn’t reflect the equality and diversity policy, turns out it was a diversionary tactic to try and get another policy through under the radar, neither worked!! Anyway my point is this in that being yourself is only brave to those who are too afraid to be themselves! I spent along time trying to be a square peg fitting into a round hole and of course it didn’t work for me. Having reached an age in my life where I should be comfortable in my own skin and not worrying about what other people think, I will continue to dye my hair what ever colour I feel like and dress how I want and those that don’t like it can suffer my resting bitch face as I continue to ignore them!