January Round Up

I know I’ve been terrible at blogging lately but in my defence I’ve been busy working, anyway I’m trying to get back into blogging and Instagram both areas that have been suffering lately. I do have a lot draft post, so expect a splurge of posts over the next few weeks of me rambling and ranting over various things and some new themed posts I’m working on including round ups or summaries for the month.

Until then here is my January Instagram round up.

Delicious homemade noodle soup, trying to get back to being as wheat free as possible, turns out wheat makes my skin itch likes it’s on fire!!

Totally in love with MM’s new album, I couldn’t really get into the last few albums but this one is definitely my favourite.

Started off the year’s gig calender with a little bit of Die Antwoord. The whole gig was like a flashback to the 90s, also the dancers were amazing.

The sky was way more pink than this! I love a good evening skyline.

Trying to be healthy, the spinach, strawberry, walnut and goats cheese salad is really quite good!

The crazy weather has caused some of the bushes to blossom a little early, I was worried it might die off in the cold snap we had but this camellia braved it out and survived the whole bush is now in bloom. Which reminds me I need to get working on my grow list for this year. Currently trying to figure out how many types of tomato is too many for our tiny garden.