In The Middle Of The Ocean.

I have 101 problems and none of them are actually problems! I’m stuck in some sort of creative quandry in the I have no idea what direction I want to pursue, not because I have a creative block but quite the opposite, I have a creative overload, so many ideas I have no idea where to start, some fit it to my current style of work, some don’t. Also there is the has this been done before quandary, although there is no such thing an original idea any more, you don’t want to be seen ripping people off. I was reading an interesting an article on copyright (you can read it here) and I think there is a real problem with people thinking they invented the wheel when they clearly didn’t, with the number of people on the planet that there are, statistically a few people are going to come up with the same or similar ideas, I guess the main thing is to make it your own. I know that ย a lot of my stuff is not original, I make make up bags, totes and cushion covers, lots of people and companies make these, the thing is to come up with your own spin on things but even that is getting harder and harder, and when you see major brands blatantly ripping off independent designers it’s kind of easy to see why others try and see if they can get away with it but of course that doesn’t make it right. Trends come and go and to be honest if you want to sell stuff, you have to make stuff that people want which is mainly what is on trend at the time.

Anyway back to my point, which to where the hell do I go next. When I quit my job I was completely drained, I had nothing, no energy, no creativity. Then suddenly it hit me like a tidal wave and I was drowning in ideas and I’m kind of sitting in an ocean pondering which way to head. I’ve learnt a lot over the last few months, what works and what doesn’t, mainly what doesn’t. I’m still trying to find my style I guess.

I was going to do a creative blog about work and style and making things but there are so many blogs out there already doing that and to be honest I can’t write about style when I don’t even know what my style is. I really should set up an online blog/portfolio to showcase my work, I am currently working hard on keeping my work and personal stuff separate on line, eventually though I think they will end up merging to a degree. For instance I’m writing about work on here but I guess not in the capacity of selling myself, so not sure it really counts. Anyway I guess that’s my creative goal for 2015 find my style, though style is ever evolving and subject to the influence of mood, environment, trends etc, though I see nothing wrong with reinventing yourself if that what you want to do.

My other problem is that I appear to be lacking a little discipline this year. Last year I put so much effort and work into what I was doing, working long hours, researching, making sure everything is perfect, ebaying, etsying, cutting, sewing, etc and I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished very much, I also don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything that is really me either. Yes I’m making stuff but stuff that other people are making with the same off the blot material that they are, I don’t feel very original, I feel like a bit of a fraud even though I’ not intentionally being one. I don’t doubt that my workmanship is good, after fourteen years at a sewing machine and making other stuff since I was kid my skills are pretty honed even if there is still plenty of room for improvement.

The OH advises to pick a direction and stick with and see how far it goes, I guess if I don’t like the direction I can always change, that’s the great thing about journeys you don’t always have to follow the chosen path, you can always take a detour. I’ll let you know how it goes.