Happy (Belated) New Year!

Welcome to my new blog (another one I here you cry?) er well yes but there is a very good reason, actually several! The main one being a name issue I should have researched more thoroughly , my bad and the second main one, I hate wordpress, we are incompatible, it’s probably not even WordPress’s fault and if I paid for the extras it would probably be better experience but considering all I want to do is post pictures of the things I make I’m not forking out 70 quid year just to tweak my template to make it how I want it! And then I wasn’t going to have a craft blog but figured I really should have one to showcase my work and for the shop.

I’m great believer of if something is not working then start fresh, I tried reviving my old blog but it was like flogging a dead horse and with all the starting overs I did last year, a new blog seemed apt. several trials and fails later, hopefully this is the last restart on this one.

Anyway welcome, hope you’ve had a fabulous holiday however you celebrate or don’t, I’ve been busy making business and crafting goals and settling back into work properly. My first card collection is complete and almost ready to go live on Etsy.

Anyway here some crafting/creative goals I’ve set myself this year.

  • Use up the last of my enormous craft/material stash before adding anything else to it (business craft supplies not included)
  • Make at least one item of clothing each month which will mean at least 12 new items in my wardrobe
  • Craft every day, no matter how small the project
  • Get handmade gifts out on time – I’m notoriously bad at getting gifts out on time, this will change this year.
  • Learn to crochet, I’ve been meaning to learn to crochet for ages, this year I will do it.
  • Learn to make a new item of clothing ie trousers/shorts
  • Learn to draft/alter patterns
  • Get back into painting – this is a big one for me as I haven’t in years but miss doing it a lot so time to dust off the canvases and go crazy!

ย I tried to keep the goal list doable, especially as I have a business goal list to achieve as well.

Have you set any craft/creative goals for this year?

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