Explore Some More!

Exploring my city is always on my agenda, I’ve lived in London my whole life (the part where I moved to Essex temporarily has been wiped cleaned from my memory!) and have barely scratched the surface of exploring it. The urban landscape of London is always changing, shops, restaurants, etc are always opening, closing being replaced, There is always a new exhibition to go and see, a graveyard to go and explore. I try and make more of an effort in the winter as it is so easy to stay indoors and hide under the warmth of your duvet.

On Sunday we headed off to Somerset house, it would have been Saturday but the alarm went off, was switched off and we both promptly fell back asleep, classic for two night owls sort of on holiday (ie we were working at home). I wanted to see one exhibition before it closes on the 25th and that is the Chris Stein photography exhibit celebrating 40 years of Blondie. Whilst we were there, I also wanted to see the Guy Bourdin exhibit.
I like to get to exhibitions earlier, I don’t like packed noisy galleries, I like to move around and view stuff with ease and not precariously tip toe to look over someones shoulder as they hog a piece of art work! It’s a small sacrifice to get up earlier and go and view an exhibit in peace and quiet. I just hope the rest of the world doesn’t catch on!
I hadn’t really heard of Bourdin but realised that I must have some of his work without realising it in the 80s through advertising. The exhibit is a mix of photographs, video installations, home movies and never before seen paintings. Most of the work was from the 70s and revolved around a shoe campaign he was working on. It was interesting to learn about how he designed and developed each of the compositions for each set of photos and the models he worked with during this period. It’s an interesting exhibit and all aspiring photographers would benefit from this. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be learning more about his work.

The Chris Stein exhibit was also very good, comprising of pictures he had taken on tour and in New York, mainly in black and white accompanied by little anecdotes about each of the portraits. It was a more personal exhibit, like being at a friends house whilst they show you a photo album and tell you stories. There are some pretty amazing photos and of course I bought a poster of my eternal girl crush Blondie.