New Year, New Me?

Happy New Year and no there will be no new me, I resigned years ago from the making resolutions lists. I do believe that if you don’t like something you should change it, I do believe that reinventing yourself for the better is a good thing, evolution is natural unless you’re a creationist, I do think that if something is not working, there is no point in flogging a dead horse. I think there is so much pressure to do always do better, if your happy with the way things are then keep it that way, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it as the grammatically challenged say! In other words there is no need for you to jump on the band wagon unless you really want to.

I tend to have my goals on a rolling contract, those that don’t get completed get picked up when there is time to fit it in and although I’m at the point in my life where I finally comfortable in my own skin and abilities, I always make room for self improvement, learning and experiencing new things. I’m forever falling off and getting back on the health wagon, exercise is constant battle mainly because I don’t like exercising, I still sneak the odd cigarette when I’m stressed but have managed for body’s sake to deal with my in tolerances by cutting out certain foods and alcohol, though I did take a swan dive into the Quality Street tin at Christmas and may have over indulged slightly. Sugar hangovers are almost as bad as alcohol hangovers!

Now that I’ve managed to destress myself from that awful, soul destroying job, which took a little longer than I realised as I had no idea how much stress I had been harbouring or the actual detrimental effect it had taken on my health, I’m looking to the future with a slightly less fuzzy and cluttered head. I say less cluttered, it’s less cluttered with worry and now more filled with creative ideas, which of course is a good thing, so my plan is to organise all the ideas into actions.

So I’ve kept my goals basic, achievable and most importantly enjoyable.

Read more

Every year I set a Goodreads challenge, every year I technically fail because I don’t read the amount I’ve allotted but what I do is that I purposefully set a higher amount so I achieve at least half and every year I set the goal higher and in effect read more books that I did the previous year. It’s a system, it works for me. This year I’ve set it as 45, I also want to read more non-fiction this year and more graphic novels.

Write More

The same goes with NaNoWroMo, every year I take part every year I never reach the goal. To be honest work wise, it takes place at an awkward time, November is my busiest time or prepping stuff for the festive season, so I plan to write more through out the year instead. Wattpad do a similar challenge which I think is all year round, so I might do that instead.

I also intend to blog more, I’ve actually decided to have only one blog, all my creative stuff I’ll just post on instagram or twitter, there are already a lot of good craft blogs out there and to be honest I can’t be bothered with the stress of trying to upkeep two blogs, plus I’d rather keep this one and practise my writing.

Make More

I ended up taking a creative break basically because I was mentally drained and had a creative drought. No ideas and no will to make anything. But my mojo is back and I’ve been sewing and knitting a lot, which is good because that’s what I need to do for my business but this year I also want to get back into art and design, mainly painting. I have a box of paints still sitting unopened from last year!

Grow More

Not just metaphorically but actual growing of things in my garden. I will make out tiny urban concrete slab of a garden into a mini oasis this year.

Get Fitter

I guess I mean get stronger, physically I used to be quite strong but a couple of years down the line not so strong or flexible anymore. Last year I rediscovered my love of yoga, so I will be taking up that again and some body strengthening exercise.

Go on more Adventures

Money maybe be tighter now I’m self employed but that doesn’t mean I can’t go on adventures, I live in a city where I can go and do so much exploring but I don’t but I’m gonna.

Learn A Language

A few years ago I started learning Japanese because I’m a bit obsessed with everything Japanese. However, my dream is to move abroad one day, the country I’d like to move to has French as one of their main languages, French is supposed to be my second language anyway being half Mauritian, I guess now would be a good time to brush up and relearn.