Skid Row @ The Camden Underworld

So in October we headed to the Camden Underworld to see Skid Row, during the day I had managed to dig out my original Skid Row album on cassette! Turns out the album was celebrating it’s 25th anniversary! The thing I love about gigs for bands like this is that the audience grows up with them and despite us being in the new  millennium, a lot of guys and girls dug out their finest albeit slightly faded 90s rock gear. Some of them have aged well, other probably haven’t styled that Mohawk since they got corporate job but the spirit is still there alive and kicking. Oh and I had totally forgot about the bandannas tied round the ankles of hi-top trainers!!!

Camden underworld hasn’t changed much except for a shiny new sign outside.  The toilet doors barely hanging on, the walls are graffiti to inch of their life and it’s probably all the band stickers that are holding the place together but I still have love for the place, a lot of love.

The Last Vegas are a pretty cool band from the USA they have an 80s anthem rock vibe going on.

Next up were Sister Swedish metal band, a classic long haired, face painted, whiplash headbanging band. They were pretty good.

It’s been Skid row 25 years since the debut album was released which I listened to in the original cassette I have bought not long after it was released, I was 12 when it was released!  I probably should have caught up with their newer stuff but I’m not really sure why I haven’t.  

Sebastian is gone but Rachel still has his nose chain, I was always a Rachel girl anyway I had a thing for bassists. They played some new stuff and some old stuff and we all sang a long to the classic youth gone wild!

I also try to support the support band swung by Merch stall and despite being flat broke bought an EP and a patch, I don’t know if it’s the Swedish goth face but I felt a pang of guilt as I handed over a two pound coin that I borrowed of my boyfriend as he gave me a sad thanks face! Serious dudes if I was earning some money right now I would have bought more and I know the feeling myself currently have flung myself into the world as a self employed crafter every penny counts.

As you know I’m not a gig reviewer and I just go to see bands I love and blog about it. Though I have to say I definitely wish I could have seen them when they were still playing with Bach but regrets are futile, I’m just happy that I get to go to gigs and here the music I love. I still have a few more posts to write for this year and next year’s gig list is already shaping up nicely.