Not Enough Hours In The Day

This is the point of the year when I admit I’m not gonna finish NaNoWriMo and my my blog goes quiet till January. Why? Well for many reasons mainly Christmas! Mainly even more so now that I’ve become a self employed crafter/seller and what ever else it is that I do depending on what day of the week it is and what mood I’m in when I wake up in the morning.

NaNoWriMo always starts off with good intentions and then I realise I’ve taken on too much and end up abandoning it, it probably doesn’t help that my story had come to an end and I could probably stretch it out to 20,000 but to be honest I was just glad for the reminder that I do actually enjoy writing. I will try and finish it in the new year when things have calmed down a bit. As well as making things for my etsy shop, I always try and do a handmade Christmas in regards to presents for my friends and family, so in fine tradition I have left this as late as possible and now panic knitting in between making stuff to sell!

I will try and squeeze out the odd blog post just so you know I haven’t completely abandoned all hope, I have a few drafts and lots of ideas I’m working on, I just don’t want to post for the sake of posting.