NaNoWriMo Update

So today I managed to hit over the 10,000 word mark, not bad for my first week. Although I was away for the first two days of the challenge I took one of my million notebooks with me and in the evenings I would do a bit of writing so as not to fall behind. Regardless of how tired I feel or inspired I feel I write everyday no matter how small just to stay in habit and we all know it’s easier to break a habit than to build it. At the last minute I changed my story mainly because I couldn’t find my notes but that’s okay because I’m kind of actually enjoying writing this story, it’s fun I’m literally making up the story as I go along, I had no prep done what so ever, it’s actually based on short story I did for writing class a few good years ago, I have no idea where it’s going but I like that.

I started using Novlr to keep track of my word count, it’s a beta site and invite only. It’s simple and is actually great for writing novels, although it is prone to bugs, one of them being sometimes it doesn’t save your work, so I lost about 600 words. My bad for not backing up my work elsewhere. So know I’m writing it on a fake word programme on my computer. Also the word count is out on Novlr, if you manually add up the word count for each chapter it’s different to the total that Novlr has counted by about 600 words! My theory is it’s still counting the 600 words that didn’t save/disappeared!

So I’m a little behind but to be honest I’m just happy to be writing again, it’s been a while and I’m definitely out of practice and my novel is well terrible but I don’t care, I’m writing again and I sure have missed it!