Travel Diaries – Berlin


One of these days I’m actually going to learn a language before I go to a country instead of embarrassing myself with my piss poor attempts so they end up speaking in English if they can or what turns into a game of charades! After getting up at 6am to catch a flight at Gatwick, we landed at Schonefield Airport to a very much ‘sunnier than England’ Germany, we got a weekend travel ticket with a welcome card which gives you tonnes of discounts at the info booth and we caught the express train and the S-Bahn to our hotel. But as check in wasn’t until three so we found a place with a sushi buffet where between our piss poor German and the servers lack of English (obviously this is no reflection on her but our poor trip preparation) managed to to order lunch and the lady appeared to take pity on us and kept giving us more sushi either that or they were desperate to get rid of the sushi!

We then checked into out hotel The Tryp Berlin Hotel in Mitte. It’s a nice hotel and as advertised has free WiFi but they don’t tell you in that is only 50mb and you have to pay for the rest! It’s clean, beds a little uncomfy and an over priced mini bar and breakfast is 18 euros! But it’s pretty central and right next to a U-Bahn station.

This was the view from our hotel window, street art is everywhere, some good, some bad.

We rested for a while before heading back to Potsdamer Platz to see the Dali exhibition because well I love Dali and the museum is open until 8. We then had a wander and found a shopping centre and my love spotted me a C&A and bought me some clothes (C&A closed in the UK in 2000 much to my dismay).  We them came back and raided Netto for some snacks and caused some confusion over bananas with neon green mould! Turns out the decent supermarket was across the road!

We’re staying in Mitte, which is the most central borough and turns out the part we were staying in near Nordbahnhoff Station which not too central is undergoing some major road works and regeneration works right now and I mean major. I kinda liked staying not too central but the road works are a bit of a pain but it turns out we’re only ten minutes from the natural museum!


Got up after a lie in and went across the road for breakfast at Karaca, I probably should have investigated gluten free places to eat but this wasn’t my best organised trip. But Karaca is nice, the staff are lovely and the food is good. We got on the U-Bahn  and went down to Kochstrauss to Checkpoint Charlie, go early it’s a tourist hotspot and they turn up by the coach load!

We then visited the Currywurst museum, which is fun and great for kids and adults like me who are basically big kids! Oh and you get a free sample of currywurst. Interesting fact I learnt in there, popcorn is one of the world’s oldest snacks having been made since 3600BC!

Giant foam chips!

Stopped for coffee and then went off to find the Berlin gallery! Couldn’t find the gallery so we took a walk a round the back streets to Alexanderplatz, found a park and took some outfit pictures for my other blog.

Alexanderplatz is your typical tourist hotspot and with a four hour wait for the viewing platform in the TV Tower meant we decided to come back to the hotel for a chill out before exploring our area more and some dinner. We had dinner at Co chi a Vietnamese restaurant which is also gluten free, I had the most awesome chicken mango curry.


Had another lie in, had lunch at Karraca again because we decided to go to the Natural Museum which is only five minutes round the corner or ten after figuring out the confusing road works! The we went and explored the Berlin Wall Memorial by Nordbahnhoff Station, turns out Mitte was right on the border of the wall! Nordbahnhoff station  has a little open museum inside as you make your way down to the platforms showing how the public transport system operated during the divide.

The memorial is a mile long and parts of the wall and original light posts and watchtowers have been preserved. You can take a walk up a viewing platform to see a stretch of no man’s land between the outer and inner wall that has been kept.

The sides of buildings at the beginning of streets show what the street looked like pre1990.

We then caught the train to Nollendenplatz to go the Bauhaus Archive museum which is well worth a trip if you’re into art and design.

Came back had a walk up Chausseestrasse to find somewhere to eat and discovered the shops,  including a vintage shop probably for the best as I’m broke!


I managed to give myself an anxiety attack by despite checking the train times and getting to the station half and hour earlier so not to miss the train, missing the train by sitting of the wrong f******g platform!!! Thankfully I’m so paranoid about missing my planes that I made us get to the train station to catch the 10.33 train so that if anything happened like it was cancelled or dumbass here got the wrong platform we would still be able to get another train in time to the airport, although this did involve a fair amount of running, my lungs giving up on me because I’m so out of shape and then the plane was delayed taking off anyway! But apart from that it was an amazing weekend away and I would definitely like to come back and explore Berlin more and maybe next time I will have learnt a bit more German!