Losers @ The Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen

The last time I went to a gig this small my uncle’s band was playing a family event! The Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen has a small 400 capacity room for gigs, so cosy would be a good way to describe. They also do a pregig special on food but we opted to eat next door at Bill’s, I can recommend the pink lemonade and ice cream float.

But back to the gig, lets talk support bands, I first saw Losers as a support band for Gary Numan, I say saw, we were running late so caught the last few songs of their set, I liked what I heard so I bought their CD So we shall never part, it went straight on my best of 2013 album list. Being a support can’t be easy, I’ve seen some pretty good support bands, I’ve been to gigs primarily to see the support band, others have been well to be polite could try harder or in some case try less! But playing to sometime to an audience of about ten people probably doesn’t do much for your nerves nor does a room of people waiting for the main act, to me it sounds like a nightmare and my nerves probably couldn’t take it but despite confessing they were nervous, last nights support band did good.

ย They are called Battle of You, who described themselves as ‘instinctive, raw, alternative pop’. Pop is not my natural first choice of music preference but they were alternative and musically talented enough to hold my attention and even get me to dance a bit despite been filled with a horrible cold. I will definitely be checking out some of their stuff some more.

Sometimes smaller gigs are better, mainly because I feel people are generally there for the music and not the event, there are less people standing at the back ignoring the band and shouting over their pints to be heard, there are less cameras/phones in the air recording, though I did have to tell one guy who at just stood directly in front of me to record the last song that I’d paid to see the band and not him recording it, he tried to be oh I didn’t realise!!!! Seriously!! Anyway back to my point apart from people like the aforementioned, smaller gigs are sometimes better, they’re is a more intimate, friendly atmosphere, oh and you can actually see the bloody band play unlike some venues where you end up watching them on a screen because you’re seats are so high up you get a nosebleed!

Losers rocked it last Tuesday (yeah I’m a little behind on posts), they played every song with all their energy and passion, they were ahving fun, we were having fun, I’m pretty sure serious dude with his camera was having fun even if he didn’t look like it! People were dancing and it was good that I managed to see a full performance of this band. If you like your rock music mixed with heavy electronic dance music this is the band for you. ‘Turn Around’ will be their classic tune,ย  Azan is epic and they played one of my faves Acrobatica.