Work In Progress!

Sometimes I wish I could switch my brain off, I get so many ideas, I start so many projects, those that don’t get started get written down to be started at a later date, most projects get half way done and then put aside whilst I start another project, the circle is never ending that is until today! Quitting the evil day job has allowed me reassess things, life and what not and I figure now is as good a time as any to finish all those unfinished projects. Half written stories, half painted pictures, sewing projects cut, pinned and half sewn, refashion projects waiting to be refashioned, the list goes on but I’m going to get through it.

My main project at the moment is clearing out the mountain of craft supplies (despite this being halved when we moved house) and used for intended purpose and sold on Etsy. I had a lapse on Monday bought a load of craft supplies for card making, after vowing never to make cards again because they never sell, despite everyone encouraging me to make them because they’re good, which to be honest they’re not that great and they never sell, so why I did I don’t know, sucker for punishment I guess. Maybe it’s the whole life lesson I haven’t quite grasped yet, I seem to make a rod for my own back like having two blogs, it made sense to have two different blogs now I’m not so sure but I’ll keep them separate for a while and see what happens, to be honest I have no idea where this path of my new journey is going to take me, I’m basically making a go of everything and seeing what works. It’s probably a carefree and clueless way to change career and basically start over but after spending thirteen years stuck in a job I truly hated for no other reason I was to scared to take that leap and waited till I was pushed to the edge to actually see I hated it, I’m kinda of actually enjoying the carefree, clueless way my life has suddenly turned out. Don’t get me wrong it’s bloody scary but when given an opportunity to do something you love, you owe to yourself and the person  helping you out to give it your best shot. So I am.

This still doesn’t really answer my own question of what am I aiming for, I guess that’s the problem with the creative world, you go off in one direction and then find yourself constantly changing direction and often ending up at a completely different destination but that’s okay. Sometimes it’s good not to know where you are going, it’s part of the adventure. I also figure I need to get over myself if I ever truly what to be recognised for work whether it be good or not, I’ll never really know if I am unless I do put it out there so I guess it’s time to stop hiding behind my self doubt and just put it out there. For all I know it may amount to nothing but then I could be wrong but all I know I will try my damned hardest because despite still being in the early stage of my new adventures what I do know is that being stuck behind a desk working for someone else was definitely not for me.

So today I started on one of many unfinished projects which actually involved a bit a learning, so two birds with one stone. I am at best a very amateur photographer but I like taking pictures although I do need a new camera, my current one is about to kick the bucket and it’s so outdated my phone actually takes better pictures! Anyway, today I’ve been going through a backlog of pictures I’ve taken over the years and learning a bit of editing and I’ll be putting some of them up on here in a new photo series I’m going to do, feedback welcome.

Other projects my require a few more hours of relearning such as I haven’t properly painted in about ten year, just the odd colour blending practice here and there but I think I may actually have forgotten how to draw! And writing, which to be honest is my main passion and the reason I blog so I always make time for writing, when I was thirteen I told myself I would be writer one day and you know what I will. As for all the other stuff, well you can find that one the other blog unless you really are interested what stuff I’m wearing this week, I’ll keep the business interests separate for now. Anyway back to editing.

Natasha x