Tasha’s House of Disco Is Open

So I decided with my birthday money I was going to buy the parts I needed to finally use my turntable and listen to my ever growing collection of vinyls. I searched on line and decided that I can’t quite yet afford a decent amp brand new so decided to pop down to the local oxfam that stocks electrical goods to see if they had any in stock. They didn’t but they did have a Panasonic hifi system which had a double tape deck which meant I could at least play my tapes. I had been reading up on how to connect the turntable to a music system and went and ordered some phono cables and a pre-amp on line. I hooked it all up but no sound, I didn’t have time to see what the problem was as I had to rush out but The Goth had a little look later for me and after a quick google and adjusting the stylus we had sound.

//instagram.com/p/skVH16DEsd/embed/ Now I’m not a music snob I have a massive digital collection and but I’m also old fashioned and just love having a physical collection as well, anyway that aside Tasha’s House of Disco is now open!

Natasha x