Vinyl Junkies – The Muppets

Last weekend we had a weekend or no where to be in particular which over the last few months has been a bit rare. So having a bit of birthday money and having no luck on line I decided to head down to the local Oxfam electrical store to see if they had any amps or speakers for sale. I ended up walking out with a pioneer hifi system with speakers, as I figure I can hook up my turntable via this and also because it has a twin tape deck function so if anything I can at least play my tapes. It’s actually a pretty decent system and I only paid £25. Anyhoo as always I digress, whilst out and about we also visited some of my favourite charity shops and of course had a little rummage round for records, you may remember me talking about in my first Vinyl Junkies post about having to restart a lot of my collection from scratch, anyway I found one of those records on Saturday.

Yes The Muppets album for a pound, yes a whole pound again!

I had this album as a kid and I loved it and I’m pretty stoked that it’s back in my collection again.

I also came across some other a Donna Summer album, the Kids From Fame and Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Any good record finds this week?

Natasha x