Travel Diaries – Viva Las Vegas 17

This year at Easter I  my first ever Viva Las Vegas Festival. For those not in the know, Viva Las Vegas is an annual rockabilly festival held at The Orleans Hotel every Easter. It actually started out in another hotel but as it grew more and more popular, it’s had to find bigger premises to accommodate its popularity. Having followed lots of American vintage blogs over the years, I’ve know about VLV for a while now but last year after telling the OH I’ve always wanted to go, he said let’s do it, so we booked tickets. The Orleans always sells out before tickets are even released so we ended up at The Gold Coast, one of the sister hotels for the event. There is a shuttle bus that runs 24 hours though the festival between The Orleans and The Gold Coast every half hour along side the usual shuttle bus that also to Baly’s on the strip.

As this was out first time in Las Vegas, we split out time between the festival and doing a bit of sight seeing as we were only there for five days, we flew in from Vancouver which took about three hours.

The first night we were supposed to head over to Frankie’s Tiki Room but I was laid out with a migraine and ended up crashing out, so we missed a pre-Viva drink and catch up with some friends.

On Thursday we headed over to The Orleans and picked up our High Roller wristbands, the festival didn’t start until the evening so we took the shuttle bus and had a wander round the strip. Found the Betty Page store (which was being rebranded), was a little disappointed in the clothes (very ill fitting) but got a really nice flamingo bathing suit even it was 80 bucks but it’s the first halterneck swimsuit that actually was supportive and pretty.

One of the few vintage dresses I did bring with me for Viva

We went to The Flaming Hotel to see, wait for it, the Flamingos!

In the evening we headed back to The Orleans, had a wander round to see if I would bump into any of my friends but to no avail, so we ended up in Brendan’s to watch some bands and drink $2 Rum and cokes! Did a little drunk shopping and bought some sunglasses and jacket patches!

The Tequila Worms
On Friday we headed over to The Orleans to try and get tickets for the burlesque shows but the queue was so long we went and watched the Fashion show instead and I managed to bump into my friends and have a little catch up. We headed back to The Gold Coast to chill out for a while and have some lunch and in the evening we headed back to watch some Burlesque Bingo which involved was a lot of fun and not just because it involved ass tassels. Afterwards we had another wander round the stalls, that day’s drunken purchases included some hair pomade and a vintage bangle.

On Saturday we chilled out by the pool before heading over to the car show, which is one of the main attractions at the festival. The were so many awesome cars, I wanted all of them!



A Red Impala, my dream car!

I also had my photo taken with the legend that is Tempest Storm.

Yes I look like a complete starstruck goofball I know.

I also bought an awesome vintage handbag with Lucite handles and in the evening we headed over to the Neon Museum for a night tour.

On Sunday we had another lounge by the pool and catching up on reading and then packed our suitcases ready for the morning and then headed off to The Orleans for our final evening. We watched the Charles Phoenix Comedy Slide Show which was absolutely hilarious, we then hit the vendors and took advantage of the final day discounts and I got some very sweet deals. We had a few drinks and watched some dancing and listened to some music but didn’t stay too late because of having to get up early and fly home.

My first Viva experience was a good one and I really enjoyed it. I’m not a rockabilly gal but I loved the whole vibe and atmosphere of the festival. The Car Show was my favourite, I was in motor heaven and I alo really loved seeing all the effort people put into their outfits and hairstyles, so many vintage clothes, thankfully most didn’t fit me or I’d be bankrupt by now and everyone was so friendly. I definitely want to go back again and next time spend more time at the festival and seeing more of the events.

Natasha x