Vinyl Junkies – Saturday Night Fever

When I was living in Essex on a mission to rescue my boyfriend and the cat from living in Dullsville, we went on a day trip to Leigh on Sea. I had my usual rummage around in the charity shops and came across a copy of Saturday Night Fever for five or six quid, I ummed and ahhed as I was a bit skint at the time and decided I would come back after our walkabout. I never did go back and get it and had regretted it ever since. This is not the first time this has happened in regards to vinyl or stuff in general.

Charity shops are usually highly stocked in LPs and 7 inches, most of them classical, Jim Reeves, Christopher Cross or unknown drum and bass DJ, finding stuff you like or want is far and few between and takes time and patience flipping through boxes of unorganised records to come across something you like. Most records you can get dirt cheap, some charity shops will over price decent records but if you want a fair price for a record you want, go and visit a record shop, my favourite is Sister Ray on Berwick Street.

Anyway if you follow me on instagram, you’ll know day 45 of my 100 happy challenge was a very happy day. I was ranting the day before about not picking up the SNF soundtrack in Leigh of Sea and how now that I’d watched the film again I really wanted the soundtrack because lets be honest, it is an amazing soundtrack. So the next day on my way to visit someone I popped into a local charity shop that seems to feed my Pyrex addiction (yes that is an actual condition!) and is over run with LPs for a pound, I usually walk out of there with a plate and some random records. Anyway I found a Pyrex plate to add to my collection (no change there then) and then wandered over to the records which were just piled high in no order what so ever. As I started to scan the shelves the fourth or fifth record was the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack! For a pound! Yes I did actually do a happy dance in the shop much to the amusement of The Goth. So thank you universe for listening and delivering me an uber bargain. I did have a further rummage but gave up and just settled for a Edith Piaf record as well but figured I’d already scored as it was.

Have you had any surprise finds lately?

Natasha x