Travel Diaries – Vancouver, Canada

Welcome part two of our trip to Canada and we pick up where we left off, leaving Vancouver island and heading to the mainland. So we left Victoria and headed to Vancouver City or Van City as some like to call it. We took the ferry from Swartz Bay to Tsawwassen.ย 

After we arrived we then all squished on a bus to the train station and caught the skyline into the city and then walked to our hotel. The bus ticket in zoned and includes the sky train. We then walked up to our hotel because it said about fifteen minutes, but it was fifteen minutes up hill!!!We stayed at the Listel Hotel on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver, it is dubbed Vancouver’s most art filled hotel as each floor has a different art theme and each room is filled with art work from Canadian and International artisits. We stayed on the Gallery floor had an small exhibition by Cecilia Z Miguez, her sculptures are amazing.

Also loved that we had a view of the mountains from our hotel window.

Day 6 – We went to Stanley Park, which by staying downtown was only about a twenty minute walk from out hotel.

We decided to walk up to prospect point and along the way we stopped off at The Aquarium

Which was okay until we got to the whale and dolphin enclosures and I got really sad because the pools were far too small for these magnificent animals, it was the equivalent of me sitting in a kiddies paddling pool and they didn’t look very happy either. I’m all for animal conservation but give them a decent home.

I like Stanley Park, even though it’s right next to the City, when you’re standing in the middle of it you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere.

We wandered off the main track and stopped off at Beaver Lake.

We finally made it to Prospect Point and there is restaurant and cafe where you can stop off for a bite to eat, the view is amazing.

The sea walk is popular with bike riders and you can hire these at the beginning of the circuit, you may also need to help up the occasional learner roller blader!

The shores are decorated with mollusc shells.

The Lions Gate Bridge

We only walked part of the sea wall but to walk round the whole way takes about 2-3 hours or a bike ride is about and hour.

Day 7 – In the morning we went Fauberg for breakfast, they do a lovely selection of macaroons and then we headed across the road Vancouver Art Gallery which is well worth the visit, I really enjoyed the collection curated by Myfanwy MacLeod and ended up learning about murdered playmate Dorothy Stratten and then ended up ordering the book. We made it to one of the Botanical gardens but realized as it was Sunday if we wanted to make it to the Museum of Anthropology we would have to skip the gardens, so after consulting google and negotiating the bus system we finally got there and managed not to get lost on the university campus.

ย The Rose Gardens at UBC

Sculptures at the Museum of Anthropolgy

Day 8- Today was a bit of a lazy day as I kept waking up at 4.30 am every morning, so we headed over to The Scotia Theatre to watch the Raid 2 and then did a bit of shopping at the House of Vintage on Granville Street just five minutes walk from our hotel so had to visit. Normally I would have hunted out all the vintage stores in Van City but one, we were short on time and two, we were heading to a vintage festival in Vegas and so had to think about space in my suitcase I ended up only walking out with two dresses for me and Tim’s first vintage shirt for Viva Las Vegas 17.

Used House of Vintage is quite big and filled with clothes from all decades, the staff are lovely and helpful and you can take as many things into the changing rooms as you like, my only comment is that it tends to be on the more expensive side than most vintage shops probably because it’s on the main shopping street, also they seemed to think it was okay to sell damage clothes and charge the same because it’s ‘vintage’. There is a big difference between wear and tear from age and downright damaged. I paid a little over the odds for the coral Judy Lynn dress which does need some repair but coming across vintage clothes that fit me are far and few between so I took it because we all know I’m handy with a needle and thread!
Day 9 – Today was a shopping a day, we headed over to Fouberg again for breakfast as Tim really liked the place and this time we had some of the macaroons this time as well. We had dinner at Donburi Ya opposite our hotel and had some excellent udon noodle soup, it’s very small but also does take out and is worth a visit.
I wish I had more time to explore Van City, there seems to be quite a bit to do and we never even made it to Gas Town, Sunset Beach or Granville Island, so I guess we’ll just have to go back!
Next on the Travel Diaries, Part 3 Las Vegas.
Natasha x