Vinyl Junkies – A Rediscovered Love

When we went to Whitby for The Goths birthday last year, the weather was wet and extremely windy so most of our time was spent huddling on the sofa watching films or darting in out of shops and sites in between rain showers. In one of the charity shops I discovered this LP…

..and my love for collecting vinyl was reignited.

Over the years I have collected quite a bit of vinyl, I’ve also lost quite a bit of vinyl out of the collection as well. The first batch was lost when I first moved out of home at 18, I left some behind because they were stored away and I forgot to take them at the time, by the time I remembered they had been donated to he charity shop, so I had to start my collection pretty much from scratch. I went through different musical phases, I seemed to amass at one point a lot of hip hop and Rn’B records, that may have been partly a relationship influence and also partly from growing up in the 80s when hip hop DJs were scratching and mixing and it was the most amazing thing for a kid who loved music to watch. When my last record player broke, I basically pared down the collection and kept the essentials and have yet to replace that record player mainly due to procrastination.

It wasn’t until I came across the Dolly Parton LP and all the other LPs languishing in floor boxes in that shop that I realised that I really do still love vinyl. I could start going on about nothing beats the sound of a vinyl record and the crackle of the needle as it hits the groove and all that but it’s not about that, besides we all know CDs were a vast improvement on sound quality and less likely to get scratched but I think for me it’s what I grew up with. I remember my dad giving me my first record a Haircut 100 LP and being well chuffed I had a record of my own, and going into Our Price in Streatham and hitting the sale section and walking out with a Poison album and it was the greatest purchase ever.ย  We had a quite a few of LPs in our house, a mixed bag of prog rock and 80s pop, my eclectic music taste is definitely due to this. I don’t know how to explain it but I just love vinyl, also reminds me that Poison album was one of the donated and still needs to be replaced, the Haircut 100 has been replaced but that’s another post.

It was weird, I just had to have the Jolene album, I do love Dolly Parton so I walked out the shop with it (obviously paying first!!) and that’s where it all began again. I have since been collecting more and I have also since been saving for a new record player because really what’s the point of having all these records if you can’t listen to them. I was recently called the ultimate hipster for owning records and not having a record player! Thankfully for them I have a sense of humour!!

So in this new series, I will be bringing to you each week an LP, it’s story, why I like it or why I had to have it, what’s so great about it or just plain right bragging about that I just have it!!

Natasha x