Gig Round Up

Welcome to the musical musings part of my blog where I write about my love of music, bands, gigs, vinyl and anything else I can think of music related. So I could do individual posts for each gig I’ve been to so far this year but firstly for most I have very blurry camera phone pictures and secondly I don’t really want to do traditional reviews of gigs where you dissect the set and critique the lighting technician so I decided to do a gig round up for the first half of the year. I also want to apologise in advance for the lack of photos and the poor quality of photos that I have put up, as most of them were taken on my camera phone as I’m in need of a new camera (currently being saved up for).


Skindred @ Kentish Town Forum

A friend introduced me to Dubwar and Skindred with the words ‘You need to listen to this’ and handed me a memory stick with a load of their music on it, considering we rarely disagreed on music I knew it wouldn’t be bad what I didn’t know was how much I would end up loving it. Fast forward to Download 2012, standing in a field doing the Newport Helicopter ended up being one of my favourite memories of my first proper outdoor music festival, so when tickets came to see Skindred, I jumped on it, I say I what I mean is I ordered (politely of course) The Goth to get tickets. I hadn’t heard the new album but to be honest sometimes it good to hear stuff live first.

The support was provided by Viza which seemed to be influenced by Gogol Bordello but with a less excitable front man and Soil, which I’m not a massive fan but know enough of them to sing along to the chorus of Halo!

Skindred were to say the least excellent, Benji was constantly engaging the crowd, chatting and joking inbetween a mix of old and new songs and most importantly getting an entire venue to participate in the Newport Helicopter. I thoroughly enjoyed this gig and danced my pants off (not literally, though I did almost lose an earring!)

We could only get seating, so we were quite far back for this gig!


Brody Dalle @ Electric Ballroom

 You know when you’re young and a bit stupid and you pretend not to like a band just because someone else doesn’t, no, okay just me being a bit of an idiot then, well The Distillers was that band. I did actually have the opportunity to see this band live but we actually went specifically to see the support bands and left before they came on. Anyhoo, silliness aside I’ve actually always quite admired Brody Dalle, not always her choice of outfits but her vocals are quite stunning. I also liked Spinnerette and so when she announced a solo album and tour, for £14 I thought why the heck not.

The support band which for the life of me I can’t remember their name were okay. Brody was good and she owned that stage. The set was pretty short (about an hour) but then there is only one album to choose from and she did throw in a few old songs from the past. Plus I love my Shirley/Brody Girls Talk t-shirt.
On a side note the new album really is worth a listen.


Korn @ Brixton Academy

Korn have always been a guilty pleasure of mine so it was cool to finally see them headlining their own show, I had previously seen them at Download last year. You can always tell a good gig when the queue goes the entire way round the whole venue.  The support band as Hacktivist, I guess you have to be a fan really and kudos to them to playing a packed venue, a lot of support bands don’t get that as most people come to see the main act.

Korn were well Korn and an excellent watch, I danced and I sang and am wondering why I haven’t yet purchased their new album!

Courtney Love @ Shepard’s Bush Empire


This gig was actually very boring and ended up leaving before the end because I couldn’t stand being around so many wannabe special snowflakes! Seriously, I get with the identifying with your idols but yeah, NO! Also I get it’s for the show and all but Courtney really was a little too needy and annoying so we left. However I did discover a new band for me to like White Miles. They’re a two piece band, who describe themselves as a ‘dirty pole dance stoner blues rock’ duo and yeah this pretty much describes their music and I love it.

Nine Inch Nails @ 02 Greenwich


Now I know a lot of fans (including The Goth) were a little disappointed with the new album, apparently it was too happy! But yeah whatever, I still wanted to go and see NIN. The support band whoever they were, weren’t my cup of tea. NIN put on a good gig not the greatest of gigs but it was good.

Flaming Lips @ Brixton Academy

I was quite excited about this gig as it meant that there was no such thing as wearing to much glitter (as if there is such a thing anyway)! Back at the Brickie again, this time when we got there we were told that it was free flow, meaning that regardless of what your ticket said you could sit upstairs or downstairs. I’m not sure why this was in place but we stayed downstairs anyway.

The support was a band started off promising but I kinda lost interest after two songs and is probably why I can’t remember who they were.

Having never seen The Flaming Lips before I wasn’t let down by the giant butterflies and sunshine dancing on stage, confetti cannons, overuse of LED lighting (if there is even such a thing), giant TV screen showing psychedelic visuals, Wayne’s gigantic silver tinsel jacket (which I really want!) and singing along to my faves such as ‘Do You Realize’ ‘Yoshimi’ and new tracks from The Terror. However I was slightly disappointed that their were no giant hamster balls they usually crowd surf in!


Blondie @ Shepard’s Bush Empire

Yeah so I went to see queen, I cannot put into words how excited I was to go and see Blondie. I’ve grown up listening to their music and I’ve had a huge crush on Debbie Harry since I was a little girl so yeah I was super stoked to get tickets to this gig (I say me again it The Goth who got them on his priority app).

The support band The Carnabys were a second rate Ordinary Boys, they were okay but I won’t be rushing out to buy their album just yet.

Blondie were amazing and I’m not just saying that as a woman enamoured! On the eve of her 69th birthday, Debbie Harry had more energy, style, chicness, and awesomeness in her little toe than I have in my entire body, in fact so awesome is she that the camera just kept picking her up as a holy entity! (Hence why no pictures plus we were squished right at the back of The Shepard’s Bush Empire and could just about see). They played all the classics but not the Tide is High which I wanted to be played so badly that I was convinced that at the start of three songs that it was being played but alas not!

Bonus of the gig running into some friends I hadn’t seen in ages and having a good old catch up afterwards.

So that’s my gig round up for the year so far, I also have a review of my first festival of the year Viva Las Vegas 17 from back in April, which was supposed to be the first of three festivals this year until Alt-Fest sadly got cancelled.
What have been your favourite and not so favourite gigs this year?