Goodbye January, Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out!

  To say January has been a complete bastard would be an understatement! It started off promising and then thanks to certain people revealing their true nature, it all went to hell! To be honest I’m sure why or what are the reasons that lead to these events but not being one to sit around and mope I’ve given said people the proverbial middle finder and told them to get lost! I’m too old to be playing these stupid games and quite frankly I don’t want to play them anyway. I have more important things to do in my life than to entertain miserable fuckwits who only get enjoyment out of making other people miserable. The only positive outcome was truly realising how strong my relationship with partner is and that the poor git is stuck with me for life!

  So there really hasn’t been time for blogging but I have been stuffing my notebook with ideas, drafts and tales etc to share with you, so February will be catch up month on my blogging. I don’t care if the world is burning down a round me, I will blog!

 I actually quit blogging for over year after posting this, turns out it got even shitter before it got better and also required moving house hence the gap between posts and a brand new blog!!