Hello and Happy New Year And All That!

So I haven’t written anything for nearly a month because I was busy trying to finish my gifts for everyone for Christmas, despite starting in October I still failed to get two finished on time as I am the worlds slowest knitter! But it’s a new year and apart from those two gifts to finish I am back to writing and crafting for myself, I say myself what I mean is as when i want to rather than being hindered by other things. Time to establish some routines and get things done. Time for more exploring and more adventures.

However that can wait a month as January is the month of chilling out and getting my health back on track. So busy with Christmas and gift making and the stress of the hell hole known as the evil day job my health has been suffering and I spent the Christmas break nursing tonsillitis in between a whirlwind of visiting and being visited. I never want to cook again! But I’m going to take time to fill up this blog with lots of posts that have already been written but not published.

My only resolution this year is to take better care of myself, after managing only to get three hours sleep last night which may have been caused by the impending doom of returning to the hellhole it turns out it’s pretty quiet in here. I’m determined not to be dragged down by any trouble making a-holes this year, ignorance is bliss and all that, unless its work related I’m not interested in their silly games. Also need to get up on time, get to work on time and leave on time which will mean more time in the evenings to write and be creative and also job hunt which during a triple dip recession is like hunting for a needle in a haystack but I guess for my sanity it needs to be done regardless. So far so good the natural light alarm has worked (even though I wasn’t actually asleep). It’s hard leaving the house in the dark but the empty tube trains make it slightly more bearable and there was a beautiful sunrise of red and gold to greet me at Brixton. I was temporarily disorientated passing the Fridge bar as they were still partying hard with bouncers on the door, I thought I had got to work three hours to early.

Other than that I’m not making any resolutions this year. Be healthy and be happy is all you need really and sleep, really must get some sleep!