Tube Tales

28 August 2012 -The District Line

  The Journey is getting easier, the sun is up by the time we leave, I am not looking forward to this journey in the dark. Having someone make the journey with you makes it a damn site easier as well. The tune is still relatively empty all things considering this maybe because it’s still the summer holidays, maybe it’s because the Olympics are still on. The early crowd (before 7am) is a mixed one. Last week there ended up being regulars on my train everyday, this week I see none of them. There are two girls that get on laughing hysterically like manic hyenas, I wonder if they are drunk from the night before, the rest of the carriage is unimpressed by the noise. One girl grips her low brand energy drink, her eyes are red and puffy like she’s had no sleep for days. Her foot is broken, I only noticed when she sat down opposite me a few stops don the line, I feel bad for not offering my seat.

  I always manage to sit next to the person who insists on winning the war on the arm rest, elbowing and flicking their newspaper loudly. What is with this elbow thing? I don’t particularly care for the arm rest, they can have it but the lack of consideration for others is irksome, we all want to get somewhere with the least bother as possible so why do people behave like this. The other annoying things is the deluded guys who sit with the legs wide open because they think their nut sacks are the size of coconuts! Personal space is not allowed on public transport and people think it is there right to invade yours for their own comfort, you don’t exist. Also no one understands the stay on the left rule, even designated lanes are invaded by the impatient and I always nearly end up getting run over as I interchange at Victoria. On the plus side we now have wifi at most underground stations.