Disturbia Suburbia – An Update

Technically this is not an update as I am so far behind on my blogging.

13 September 2012

The lack of blogging is due to still trying to get into a routine and actually find some time to sit down and write. Life in The ‘Burbs is not bad even if it isn’t ideal and even though it’s a bit far out I don’t feel totally cut off (most of the time) thanks to living on a tube line, that is when it works! Plus sides, I’m close enough to an Ikea and Hobbycraft, so I can still get craft supplies, albeit slightly overpriced craft supplies. The house is still cluttered with my stuff and after a small tantrum, The Goth is on a mission to find me the perfect vintage wardrobe* to house my ever expanding clothes collection. After years of having a bed to myself, I now not only share one with someone else but a cat as well. We are now down to one hamster as Hades passed away**. The neighbours are, well, okay.

* I now have the perfect vintage wardrobe

** we now have no hamsters, Nibbler has also gone to big hamster wheel in the sky.