Tube Tales – The Sad Girl

Welcome to a new and hopefully regular feature. When I used to walk to work, I used to see lots of interesting things and I began carrying my camera to document things, now I’m commuting to work by tube every morning and you see so many different people and situations, always having carried a note book with with me for goodness knows how long, I started documenting the things that stood out, my life back to commuting or things that just came to mind.

15 July 2012 The Northern Line On A Sunday Evening.

  This is the last time I make this specific journey back from The Goth’s house to my flat and call it home, next time I go to his house it will be for good, or until we move out Elm Park. This journey is always odd, there’s always an odd mix in the Sunday evening commuter crowd. People heading back from the tourist sights and shopping up the city, some heading back from festivals and weekends away, some heading back from pub lunches and day of drinking, some of us heading back to our homes from spending times with loved ones.

Two people stand out, a mother and her little girl, they have been travelling somewhere.The little girl’s eyes are puffy from tiredness, she looks like she is about to cry. She delicately reaches int the carrier bag on her lap and takes out some crackers and nibbles at them one by one. Her mother sits slumped in the corner her face hidden behind a cheap gossip magazine, her chubby gold laden hands dive into the bag and grab a handful of the crackers and she shovels them into her mouth. She doesn’t even look at the child when she talks to her, she responds but her eyes remain fixed on the page. The girl looks at her sadly and then back to the bag, I feel sorry for her.