Back At The Ranch

Well I’m back from what was supposed to be a break, however still tired and lacking even more sleep than before. As you know I’ve relocated to The Burbs and then almost immediately went on holiday with The Goth’s family. It went successfully in that no one was smothered in their sleep or abandoned in the French end of the Eurotunnel whilst taking a comfort break! (Yes we were almost left behind in France!) It was a testing time, though it has been agreed for the near future family holidays will now only consist of me, The Goth and Nemo.

This week has not only consisted of being back to work and up at 5.30 for the daily commute but also turning 35 on Thursday, not a major milestone but enough to get me thinking about what I have and haven’t achieved yet. The conclusion, there is a world out their waiting to be discovered and explored. The day was spent being spoilt with presents and good company, although Friday I woke up a bit worse for wear and my body realising that it can no longer party likes its 25! Which is kind of pathetic considering I didn’t really party that hard or at all to be honest! Saturday’s housewarming/birthday barbecue was a complete washout, literally as we had to relocate the cooking inside due to a very long and drawn out thunder and lightning storm.

This summer has been busy to stay the least and to be honest I’m looking forward to some time out over the next few weeks and being able to write up some of the many, many blog posts scribbled down in my note book. Plus I got some really good books for my birthday that I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks as well. All in all I’m settling into be new home well, feeling less and less unsettled with each box I open and take over the house with it’s contents.

Well that’s the latest blurb on my life, tomorrow I’ll be back to normal blogging on music, books, and life as I know it!