Welcome To The ‘Burbs

So on Monday I officially moved to The ‘Burbs, a quiet little place called Elm Park in Essex. It’s on the District Line which means I now I have over an hours commute to Brixton. After a busy few weeks packing and cleaning, and with yesterdays massive post move out clean, today I handed over the keys to the inventory guy who also checked me in. The flat is now gone, a resident of one of London’s biggest blocks no more. I will miss the art deco oasis in the middle of South London but new adventures await. We headed over to the leafy suburbs of Teddington for a BBQ at my brothers house, I forewent an evening of drinking in the city for a quiet night of chilling out. After a two hour trek from one ‘Burb to another at polar ends of the District line, I opted for a cold pint of Cidre in the garden with a copy of this months Elle magazine. Or so I thought, what with the cacophony of lawnmowers and next door building what I have now established as possibly a high rise rabbit hutch I retreated to the living to watch an episode of Ms Marple instead. Yep Saturday night and I’m watching telly! Welcome to life in The ‘Burbs, I’ve have yet to meet any Klopeks!

3 thoughts on “Welcome To The ‘Burbs

  1. Small world. Dave has playing a gig in Teddington at a house party today…at a BBQ in the garden. If you heard odd note floating your way between the lawn movers and children screaming at water fights, it may well have been him.


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