A Lesson Learned?

I love crazy colour hair, over the years I’ve has coloured streaks but it’s always been my dream to have a full head of crazy colour. You’d think ruining my hair bleach and a failed bleached bath I would give up but no, well not until this later disaster. I had my heart set on forest green hair, don’t ask me why I just loved the colour. I successfully stripped the years of artificial dye but then tried to lighten it and dye it green. Now the main problem was I decided to do this in the midst of panic packing before I moved yesterday. I am one of those people who will find away to distract myself from one problem by creating another! The outcome, I ended up looking like the Joker or a demented Muppet, it wasn’t the shade of green I had anticipated, which is probably better than the time I ended up looking like a tiger from the previous failed bleaching attempt!

So I concede, my hair doesn’t like being lighten and I’m sticking to more natural shades. I’m currently waiting for The Goth to get back with emergency hair dye, so I can return my barnet to some sort of order and for now I have learned my lesson, that is until I recovered and it has become a distant memory and I convince myself that dying my hair a crazy colour is a great idea! For the sake of my hair I really should leave it to the professionals or invest in some wigs!

One thought on “A Lesson Learned?

  1. No piccies? Awwww, I'm disappointed now lol. I do some mad things to my hair as well, one day I shall wake up and it will all be on my pillow still >.< loves!


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