The End of An Era

So about 7 years ago I moved into a quaint little flat in an art deco block in Balham, a quaint little district shoe horned in between Clapham and Tooting  and also declared by Peter Sellers as the gateway to the south. It wasn’t perfect but the rent was a steal for a one bedroom flat in a prime location and I didn’t have to share it with anyone, my own little sanctuary where I could just close the door on the world at the end of a tiresome day and not have to worry about anyone else. Not clean up after other people, wander round in my undercrackers without offending someones eyes and eat popcorn and pick and mix for dinner without question or judgement! Fast forward to now, 6 days until I move in with The Goth and although after a year of noise nuisance, washing machine leaks from upstairs and general letting agency fuckwittery I will kinda miss this place. It was the beginning of a new phase in my life in being independent, not answering to anyone and just learning to live and enjoy my life the way I wanted to rather than how people expected me to. But times have changed and it’s time to move on to the next phase, although I steadfastly refuse to conform to the majority of stereotypical grown up norms!

Things I will miss about this place

The amazing view from the my living room window, sunrises (if I ever got up early enough or didn’t actually go to bed). Sunsets, I have never seen so many beautiful sunsets in all my life. Watching ffireworks on Wandsworth Common without having to leave my flat, watching the moon sail across the night sky as the night owl in me refuses to go to bed at a decent time at the weekends.

The bath: an old fashioned, long and deep bath. the type you can actually lie in with you flat legs stretched out, water up to your chin, I have become the master of the topping up the bath using my toes to operate the swivel taps.

My own space, I know its selfish but living on my own for seven years I have created my own little sanctuary, decorated how I like with my things, no one else to worry about, it’s gonna take time to adjust to sharing on a full time basis and learning the art of compromise!

The friendly concierge staff, always made feel safe and secure living in this building, mostly gonna miss psycho the security dog barking as he passes people.

South London, I’ve been here 99% of my life bar that brief stint in Hoxton. It’s gonna be weird but then also great discovering new places to shop, eat and have adventures.

Being close to my friends but we have cocktails in the city after work scheduled in on a regular basis!

Having my nan live 10 minutes round the corner so I could pop in for a chat whenever I liked, although never took advantage of this enough.

The walk home from Brixton to Balham, kept me fit, helped me unwind from a stressful day at work, expect some serious incidents on the district line in the next few months.

The people in the community I have got to know over the years, walking into a shop and they know who you are, having Tooting Market near by or my favourite material and craft supply shops close by.

I’m sure once I’ve moved I remember loads more stuff that I’ll miss but hopefully find loads of new places to explore and discover.

Ms D

One thought on “The End of An Era

  1. I am sure Balham will miss you lovely lady however think of the satisfaction when you find,
    a new great coffee shop, craft emporium, new short cut route, secret view, great piece of graffiti.

    Hope lugging the boxes goes quickly and all your discoveries in the hew place are good ones.


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